Digital Product Configurators

The Commercial Virtual Twin empowers configurators in diverse settings. From high-end dealer POS systems in customer showrooms and trade fairs to Web Configurators (WebCC) integrated into existing web offerings, it offers versatility. With customizable 360° product spin options and 3D WebGL-based web and mobile applications, it provides an immersive entry into the customer's offerings. The inclusion of glTF™ configurators for seamless integration into social media and render engine agnostic experiences further enhances versatility. Analytical support allows businesses to analyze product demand and optimize their offerings effectively.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Customer Engagement

 Immersive 3D configurators drive deeper interest, boosting customer interaction and satisfaction.

Streamlined Social Integration

Seamless glTF configurators effortlessly connect products to social media, expanding reach.

Informed Business Decisions

Analytics support product demand analysis, optimizing offerings for better market responsiveness.

Citroën AMI Customer Reference > Dassault Systemes

Citroën AMI

With the goal of accessibility for everyone, Citroën introduced the Ami. Its styling is hip, modern and cutting edge – a clear shout-out to today’s non-conformists. Needing a solution that could grant consumers a genuine connection to this 100% electric vehicle, Citroën turned to 3DEXCITE for their unparalleled expertise in real-time solutions.

Using Citroën’s popular hashtag of #LibertyElectriCityMobility as a launchpad for inspiration, 3DEXCITE got to work to create the most engaging and intuitive e-commerce vehicle configuration solution out there. In a 1st for Groupe PSA, a real-time car model would be used, that would allow visitors to configure the vehicle to their liking in a personalized web environment.

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