Augmented Reality for Product Interaction

The Commercial Virtual Twin empowers our teams to seamlessly develop Augmented Reality (AR) apps for rich, immersive experiences. It facilitates plane tracking, enabling users to interact with virtual products on mobile devices and place them realistically in real-world settings. Object tracking takes customization to a new level, allowing digital elements like accessories to be overlaid directly onto physical products.  Informative features like x-ray views and interactive simulations enhance product augmentation, delivering engaging and informative AR experiences.

Key Benefits

Immersive Product Visualization

AR apps offer lifelike, interactive product experiences in real-world settings

Enhanced Customization

Object tracking enables personalized product configurations for users, fostering engagement and sales.

Informative Augmentation

AR enriches products with informative elements, enhancing user understanding and engagement.

OPEL X-Ray Vision Augmented Reality Customer Reference > Dassault Systemes

Opel X-Ray Vision

Opel goes ELECTRIC. The automotive brand debuted its first foray into the zero-emissions vehicle landscape with the all-electric Corsa-e and the Grandland X Plug-In Hybrid. The reveal of these two vehicles at the 68th International Motor Show in Frankfurt demanded a memorable marketing experience. Opel aimed to showcase dealership innovations for both prospective and existing customers. The focus entailed strengthening after-sales potential by demonstrating and explaining new features with leading-edge technology.

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