Construction, Cities & Territories


Thermal Comfort

The thermal solver can be used to simulate the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems of indoor spaces. With the help of probes, surface and volume integrals to monitor the flow variables in specified locations, XFlow is a suitable tool to optimize the design of HVAC devices outlets and also their location for thermal comfort and better cooling/heating efficiency. Internal flows can also be complemented by the Discrete Phase Model (DPM) of XFlow in order to simulate the transport of particles that are very suitable to simulate the dust transport in indoor spaces.

Water Management

Water behavior over civil structures is one of the major issues of civil engineering. This can be studied now at full scale thanks to the virtual Water Channel of XFlow or any other geometry that could be used as internal fluid domain. XFlow has demonstrated its ability to reproduce flows in real water channels, dam breaking, tsunami catastrophes, flow around immersed bridge pillars, and water conduction in road infrastructures. Pollutant diffusion inside water can also be analyzed using the scalar transport models of XFlow where several scalars can be defined according to their density and a diffusivity coefficient

Wind Load

The Virtual Wind Tunnel in XFlow enables you to simulate full-scale models and set inlet turbulence intensity and analytical expressions to describe a realistic incoming wind profile. XFlow allows you to simulate and measure wind loads on buildings, bridges and other civil structures, analyze the air flow around them or the pressure distribution over their facades.