Electromagnetic design environment


The CST Studio Suite® design environment is an intuitive user interface used by all the modules. It comprises a 3D interactive modeling tool, a schematic layout tool, a pre-processor for the electromagnetic solvers and post-processing tools tailored to industry needs.

The ribbon-based interface uses tabs to display all the tools and options needed to set up, carry out and analyze a simulation, grouped according to their position in the workflow. Contextual tabs mean that the most relevant options for the task are always just a click away. In addition, the Project Wizard and the QuickStart Guide provide guidance to new users and offer access to a wide range of features.

The 3D interactive modeling tool at the heart of the interface uses the ACIS 3D CAD kernel. This powerful tool enables complex models to be constructed within CST Studio Suite and edited parametrically with a simple WYSIWYG approach.