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The mission of the BIOVIA Science Council is to enhance the scientific excellence and build the prestige of BIOVIA’s scientists, software and services by guiding the direction of company-wide applied science innovation, in alignment with the company strategy. The Council, made up of leading BIOVIA scientists, ensures our scientific excellence and leadership for all chemical, material and biology based industries by covering applied science innovation and strategy, from discovery to commercial production. A large amount of BIOVIA publications can be found on Google Scholar.

The Science Council plays an integral role in helping shape BIOVIA’s scientific impact. As BIOVIA CEO Jason Benedict states, “BIOVIA is the scientific brand of Dassault Systèmes that helps customers to transform scientific innovation. The BIOVIA Science Council provides outstanding scientific and technical leadership in promoting BIOVIA’s scientific activities, solutions and technologies that contribute to our customers’ success.”

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  • BIOVIA’s science is based on decades of peer-reviewed research. Check out some of our most recent journal articles below.

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