BIOVIA Assay is an integral part of the discovery workflow for the BIOVIA Biologics and BIOVIA Cheminformatics solutions. It is a lightweight, easy to use web application for the analysis and management of plate based screening data. The application enables rapid customization by following a guided and configurable workflow so that you can more easily identify and select optimal candidates for further investigation and analysis.

Integrated with BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot, BIOVIA Assay lets you design and manage your screening campaigns. Our Oracle based platform covers analysis of cellular, molecular and high content screening. Fully integrated with your lab equipment, Assay can be adapted to your needs and thus extended to very specific types of analyses. BIOVIA Assay is fully compatible with BIOVIA Sample, our sample management and tracking platform.

By following the guided workflow provided by the application, you can easily import and analyze plate based screening data in order to identify promising candidates for further investigation


  • Dynamic Control and dilution for plate data design
  • Dynamic sample mapping
  • Embedded data warehouse for results sharing and data integration
  • Automated calculations and statistics
  • Cross run and profiling analysis
  • R statistics model integration
  • Integration options for Pipeline Pilot and Tibco Spotfire