Powering Battery Materials Innovation


In today's world, the demand for clean, efficient, and sustainable energy is growing rapidly. The development of next-generation batteries is crucial to meet this demand and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. However, creating these innovative batteries is no easy task. It requires cutting-edge research, development, and testing of advanced materials that can enhance battery performance, durability, and safety.

BIOVIA's battery materials innovation solution empowers researchers and manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve, accelerate their time-to-market, and reduce costs. With its comprehensive suite of tools, BIOVIA provides a one-stop-shop for battery material innovation, from modeling and simulation to testing and validation. Whether you're developing batteries for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, or other applications, BIOVIA has the expertise and tools you need to succeed in this fast-evolving market.

Efficient Modeling and Simulation

BIOVIA’s comprehensive suite of tools for scientific modeling and simulation enables researchers and manufacturers to explore battery cell materials at a lower cost, understand battery performance and the underlying mechanisms of materials behaviors, identify chemical interactions for enhanced property design, and predict material properties faster and more accurately.

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Effective Testing and Analytics

BIOVIA's effective testing and analytics solution streamlines your battery material innovation process by increasing testing efficiency, improving material design, and simplifying workflows and collaboration. Our cutting-edge technology allows for more targeted physical testing through simulation, leverages machine learning models, and integrates and traces data.

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Optimal Formulation and Lab Management

With real-time data access to materials information and lab experiments, powered by BIOVIA's lab informatics solutions, scientists can accelerate formulation screening by 80%, boost the success rate from focused experiments by 65%, and increase lab productivity by 40%.

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Contract Research

Dassault Systèmes' Contract Research team has over 25 years’ experience in powering customer’s scientific innovation with their multidisciplinary expertise in R&D. With advanced technology capabilities using 3D chemistry-based software tools, Contract Research offers flexible and collaborative engagements for battery cell design, optimization, manufacturing process improvements, and AI/machine learning-driven battery performance predictions. With strict confidentiality and mutually beneficial IP terms, Contract Research is the perfect partner for creating next-generation batteries that are lighter, faster, better, cheaper, safer, and more easily recyclable.

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