BIOVIA Discoverant

Manufacturing Analytics

Process Manufacturing organizations need to maximize efficiency, product quality and yield while meeting regulatory requirements and reducing costs in production processes. But they struggle to leverage the abundance of data generated in process development, manufacturing and quality.

BIOVIA Discoverant is a validation-ready solution for data access, automated aggregation and contextualization, analysis and reporting. It supports Industry 4.0 strategies by optimizing processes, product quality and yield and collaboration, delivering products and therapeutics faster and at lower costs.


  • Automated aggregation/contextualization of data from disparate sources
  • Rapid data access for investigations and process improvement
  • Large variety of data queries, analysis and visualizations
  • Self-service data access for investigations and process improvement
  • Ad hoc investigational analysis
  • Automated Out-of-Trend (OOT) alerts (e.g., for stability analysis)
  • Effortless system and connectivity validation
  • Cloud-based data exchange between partners
  • Role-based dashboards for visibility across the manufacturing network
  • Automated creation of periodic reports (batch, investigation, APQR/APR/PQR, etc.)
  • Graphical display of process genealogy for lot traceability
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant capture of paper-based data

Customers Report

  • 95% reduction in time for data aggregation
  • 90% reduction in time taken to generate APRs
  • 87% reduction in materials use during development
  • Root cause investigation reduced from 1 month to 1 hour
  • $35 Million/year reduction in batch deviations globally

Benefits of BIOVIA Discoverant