BIOVIA User Communities

Bringing People and Science Together

Collaboration drives science. The BIOVIA User Communities provide a common global forum for beginners, experts and everyone in between to pose questions, share ideas and network. Join today and get talking! 

Join the Discoverant community for manufacturing analytics to get the most out of the system and your manufacturing processes data. Exchange ideas with peers and BIOVIA experts on CPV monitoring strategies, drawing insights from your process data, predictive modeling, meta-monitoring, and maximizing the capabilities of your process intelligence solution.

Join the Drug Discovery and Development community to discuss topics such as cheminformatics, modeling/simulation, protein modeling, AI/ML, generative design and analytics.

Join the BIOVIA Laboratory Informatics Community where you can direct questions to BIOVIA product management and R&D leads for Laboratory Informatics. See the latest information on accelerating the design/development process, removing inefficiencies and compliance risks and providing a collaborative environment for innovation. Share your own experiences in removing disconnected and paper-based processes to create more efficient lab workflows.

Join the Materials Studio Community for materials modeling and simulation. Topics vary and include discussions on catalyst, polymer, nanomaterial, and electronics development, studies of reaction kinetics, coarse-grain modeling, and more. Connect to stay up to date with product announcements and updates. 

Connect with the Pipeline Pilot Community to discuss the latest best practices and R&D developments. The BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Community covers topics from instrument integration, data science, application development, cheminformatics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and more.

Join the QUMAS Community for EDMS (DocCompliance), EQMS (ProcessCompliance), MyQUMAS, DocTransfer, Enterprise Scanning and LMS to stay current with product announcements and updates, to network with peers and share knowledge, post ideas, run surveys, and join discussions. Topics include document management, R&D and regulatory, enterprise content, quality processes, training, dashboards and reports.