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To be effective, marketing programs require active collaboration with stakeholders from across the organization to deliver engaging product experiences. Traditional tools fall short in being able to connect marketing teams with current product data necessary to create immersive product experiences. 


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps marketing teams easily access and share information, eliminating silos and promoting transparency. This ensures everyone has real-time access to relevant data, campaign assets and performance metrics, enabling informed decision making and supporting high quality program delivery. The platform's integrated project management features enable marketing teams to plan, track and monitor initiatives to ensure on-time delivery.

Unlocking the Benefits of Transformation for Marketing Program Management

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Create Exciting Experiences

Leverage 3D product designs to create high-impact sales and marketing experiences.

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Collaborate With Ease

Engage all stakeholders in an environment built for social collaboration.

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Be More Agile

Leverage lean principles to support marketing team effectiveness and continuous improvement.

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Explore New Ideas

Create an idea funnel to identify and explore new approaches for differentiating experiences.

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Speed Project Delivery

Define, manage and track individual and team tasks using a single, shared platform.

Explore Marketing Use Cases

Marketing teams use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to advance their ability to communicate and collaborate across the enterprise. Explore the features that help them bring new products to market faster and execute programs more effectively.

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Stakeholder Communication

Bring marketing program stakeholders from across the enterprise together in an environment that supports active communication and collaboration. Explore new ideas in a structured way so they can be evaluated and turned into new projects.

Organize information into customizable dashboards for easy access. Capture best practices and marketing program results to develop the knowledge and knowhow necessary to drive the best outcomes. 

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Agile Work Environment

Transform the way you work by bringing teams together in a collaborative environment that guides discovery, analysis and problem solving. Facilitate interactive discussions and the visualization of information to maximize understanding. Maintain agile marketing planning processes that support changes in market conditions. 

The 3DLean app on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a framework to foster collaboration and improve team performance. Grounded in established 'lean' principles, 3DLean supports the flexibility needed to solve problems and reach goals effectively. 

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Project Planning & Execution

Promote team-based planning for marketing programs with the ability to flexibly define, share and complete project tasks and deliverables. Work efficiently with the ability to set task priorities and dependencies. Help teams manage schedules with a built in optimization engine that automatically makes adjustments to tasks based on a defined schedule strategy.

Share a project summary view with stakeholders to provide visibility on project status and identify any tasks that are at-risk. Stay up-to-date with automatic notifications or by accessing tasks and deliverables on any mobile interface. 

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3D Content Creation

Create engaging customer experiences using the latest 3D product design data. Ensure digital continuity across all media channels. Maintain and efficient and automated production pipeline to simplify the delivery of complex projects.    

Provide personalized, interactive experiences to elevate the entire customer journey.  Deliver high value sales and marketing assets faster by starting work earlier in the design process.

Explore 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Roles

3DEXPERIENCE platform offers are packaged as roles that match the functionality you need to do your job more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Management Software

Yes, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a variety of roles for non-technical uses.

Yes, Project Planning templates can be created and updated to support project needs.

Yes, there are a wide variety of role-based training options available for the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. 

Yes, the 3DEXCITE Services portfolio offers consulting, enablement, production, management and more. 

Marketing work management entails employing software platforms to assist marketers in strategizing, overseeing, evaluating, and enhancing the marketing activities and workflows required for effective campaigns. These platforms equip marketers with the necessary tools to streamline and automate their marketing operations, freeing up their time to concentrate on crafting engaging content and delivering captivating experiences to their desired audiences.

A marketing resource management (MRM) platform refers to software solutions crafted to optimize an organization's marketing operations. These platforms facilitate the management of marketing assets, including copy, graphics, videos, and various digital content, across various channels. By incorporating features like workflow automation, digital asset management, and reporting capabilities, MRM platforms aid organizations in creating and executing marketing campaigns with enhanced efficiency.

Marketing project managers are in charge of supervising the effective implementation of marketing projects. They utilize marketing work management platforms to strategize, arrange, and monitor marketing projects throughout their entire lifecycle. Moreover, they shoulder the responsibility of handling resources, budgets, timelines, and deliverables to guarantee that projects are accomplished punctually and within the designated budget.

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