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Integrated Modeling and Simulation

Reduce the Distance between Virtual and Real to Zero

On the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, modeling (CAD) and simulation (CAE) are together in a unified capability called MODSIM which breaks down the silos between the engineering and simulation departments enabling the true Virtual Twin Experience and reducing the distance between virtual and real to zero. MODSIM enables companies to make simulation an integral part of their design practice resulting in lower risk, less physical testing, lower cost, and reduced or even zero prototyping.

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Sustainable Product Innovation

MODSIM is more than just CAD-CAE integration and shifting simulation into early design phases. It is about accelerating the efficiency of simulation-based design by automating data transfer, geometry clean-up, and model building for product assemblies of all sizes. The knowledge and know-how generated throughout the entire modeling and simulation process is institutionalized, becoming more valuable to the entire organization. And doing it all in a production environment available anywhere on any device that fosters the sustainable innovation needed to solve today’s urgent challenges. Listen to an exchange among domain experts on the topic of efficient structural concepts for the future of mobility.

Developing efficient structural concepts for the future of mobility

Virtual Performance Validation

Dassault Systèmes, with its industry leading multi-disciplinary simulation capabilities on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enables early and comprehensive assessments to better ensure that new designs are sustainable, certified, and efficient in today’s resource constrained world. Simulation enables innovations and radical ideas to be tested quickly to find the best trade-offs at the earliest design phases while remaining within time and budget constraints. Companies can then accelerate the product lifecycle from concept to certification and gain first-to-market advantage.

Watch a panel of experts discussing eVTOL development and simulation.

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Community Approach

The MODSIM user community gathers simulation, modeling and design experts of CATIA and SIMULIA. Our aim is simple: break down the silos between design, modeling and simulation and see the value that looking at the design process as a whole can bring. Find presentations, demos, tutorials and discuss with us! Find also replays, presentations, speakers of all MODSIM 3DEXPERIENCE conferences.

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