Harness the power of data science to achieve business breakthroughs. Learn from the past and navigate the future better, faster and easier than ever before. With all data aggregated into one platform and integrated with collaboration tools, distributed teams can work quickly and agilely together. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform empowers users to elevate data into actionable knowledge, model complex, real-world situations and improve business processes and experiences for competitive advantage.

Elevate Data into Actionable Knowledge

Propel decision velocity throughout the organization by transforming large volumes of heterogeneous, multi-source data into meaningful, real-time information intelligence. Workflows can be shared and analyzed and reused to boost collaboration and drive continuous improvement. Through capturing and mapping all enterprise data, companies can capitalize on the wealth of industry knowledge within the organization. Elevating data into actionable insights empowers users to accelerate product and services innovation across the full lifecycle and improve business process efficiency.

Digital Twin
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Model Complex, Real World Conditions to Enrich Virtual Twins

Bridge the information gap between the physical and virtual world by analyzing real- and virtual-world data together, empowering users with key insights to learn and make smarter decisions. AI and advanced analytics reveal critical insights into operational data to elevate modeling and simulation data, enabling virtual twins to react to complex variables while allowing unlimited what-if experimentation. With data-augmented virtual twin models, users can more accurately predict outcomes under a variety of conditions, enabling organizations to anticipate and proactively resolve risks, avoid costly downtime and optimize performance. The virtual twin enables optimal decision-making by enabling stakeholders to understand the impact of all decisions to deliver maximum performance at scale.

A Truly Integrated Environment

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