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The 3DEXPERIENCE platform captures and makes available a complete representation of your products and services to stimulate and speed up innovation. 3D design know-how, rules, and standards covering all disciplines are captured and their reuse in engineering, manufacturing, and business activities is managed via the platform throughout their lifecycle. Knowledge sharing contributes to improved efficiency such as accelerated design cycle, and increases your team’s speed to market. Another big advantage: Teams do not have to develop from scratch when working on a new project. They easily leverage different components previously created to speed up innovation.

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Identify Issues Early and Reduce Risk

By reusing knowledge and data centralized on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, organizations minimize risks associated with innovation. It provides complete transparency and full traceability of potential issues and makes risks the responsibility of all stakeholders regardless of function. Projects in development are compared against past ones and potential issues are identified before they become costly problems at manufacturing time or during the post sales cycle. See how Axelent Engineering has learned from past mistakes and put in place rigorous quality checks capabilities to keep its risk profile under control.

Nurture Excellence

A unified knowledge base encourages designers and engineers to pool their expertise and share ideas more freely, as well as promote the reuse of past learnings and experiences. It leads to better overall products and services. Making past project information available -such as design libraries and project templates - promotes the development of best practices and helps young designers and engineers entering the workforce experience practices from industry leaders. See how Dasan Consultants is using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to reuse designs and project templates, and develop best practices.

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