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The 3DSwymer role delivers the right apps and services that digitally connect all users in the value stream. Establish social communities with collaborators, consumers and customers to effectively share, experiment and innovate.

  • Get to market faster by engaging consumers and customers earlier in the ideation process to validate concepts and ideas.
  • Gather and evaluate valuable feedback across the value chain with minimal effort.
  • Develop better decisions that incorporate data from across your business, not just what’s at hand or in outdated reports. 
  • Improve productivity by sharing securely and easily. Spend less time updating data and managing project statuses.

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud

Break free of IT constraints with instant access to the latest catalog of apps and online services to collaborate with teams, clients and external contributors.

Everything is stored on the cloud, so you never lose your data and team members can access securely anytime.

Protect Intellectual Property by managing digital access and allow team members to see only what they need to see.

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Conquer any challenge

Supercharge Collaboration

Empower users to safely share and save data in a collaborative environment to deliver better customer experiences.

Single source of truth

Connect users across the organization to the value chain and save time and money by avoiding costly corrections late in the development process.

Maintain Transparency

Enable enterprise-wide awareness to achieve results while preventing unanticipated delays, rework, and errors.

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  • 3DSwymer
  • Online learning content
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Efficient and secure collaboration for developing innovative products and experiences

  • Structured Social Environment: Create a social innovation environment where all stakeholders can collaborate.
  • Real-time Intelligence: Keep your finger on the pulse of the most important aspects of your business.
  • Connected Data Sources: Leverage data from multiple systems to create an index of information.
  • 3D Visualization: Visualize 3D parts and assemblies on any device.
  • Real-time Alerts: Keep users up to date about all the tracked activities.
  • Manage Groups: Control groups that can be used by any user-group compatible app.
  • Immersive Drawing tools: Create 3D drawings quickly and easily.
  • Digitalized Lean Practices: Contribute to the collaborative ideation and innovation process with a whiteboard.

Enhance Collaboration with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

  • Connect all stakeholders to the innovation process in real-time.
  • Capture feedback through activity streams, chat, video and user-tagged comments within dedicated communities.
  • Create dashboards for personalized views into information from all sources and set alerts for data feeds.
  • Enable concurrent design to enhance decision-making and progress design maturity.
  • Protect your Intellectual Property by managing digital access.

Boost your business efficiency with 3DSwymer

These brands trust us!

I see the 3DEXPERIENCE platform giving us a good foundation to offer the best experience and integration.

Joan Orús, COO, QEV Technologies
Joan Orus
COO, QEV Technologies

QEV Technologies

Spanish electric vehicle developer QEV Technologies works with global automotive OEMs to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. As it continues to scale its business, the company adopted the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud to integrate its product development data, consolidate its knowledge base and enable effective collaboration.

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