Throughout your project's development, you may require additional functionalities or the involvement of new team members.

Empower your project's expansion through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, where administrators are entrusted with overseeing these developments. The administrator, typically the purchaser, holds a key role overseeing platform functionality, managing user access, and setting skill expansion for the development of the project.

Administrator's capabilities

  •     Manage subscriptions such as purchasing new roles, and handling renewals (for online purchases only).
  •     Supervise billing details, including configuring default payment methods and accessing quotes and invoices (for online purchases only).
  •     Have the capability to add or remove platform users.
  •     Assign roles to users, governing their access levels and permissions.


​​​​​​​Having delved into the administrator's capabilities, it's time to tailor your experience further. Choose to enhance your skills by adding new roles or expand your team by inviting new members.

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