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HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 Customer Reference > Dassault Systemes

Hyundai Ioniq5 Global Launch

The Ioniq 5 marks the exciting debut of Hyundai’s new, all-electric Ioniq sub-brand. This first-of-a-kind SUV series required stunning visuals to kickstart the global launch. Our mandate was “Focus on the essential; surreal but real.” As the sole creative agency involved, 3DEXCITE worked directly with Hyundai to bring their vision to life without compromise, allowing for late-stage revisions to the imagery as the SUV design developed.

To achieve the final product, fully-merged CGI with photography, the backplate selection, angle definition, and ‘look & feel’ were co-developed with Hyundai Design Center, allowing fast feedback and approval cycles. This flexible approach minimized the impact of post-COVID restrictions and time constraints.

Great photos, I believe those are the best photos from Hyundai product so far. Well done.

Luc Donckerwolke
Chief Creative Officer of Hyundai Motor Group

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