Hyundai Ioniq5 Global Launch

Focus on the essential - surreal but real.


The Ioniq 5 marks the exciting debut of Hyundai’s new, all-electric Ioniq sub-brand. This first-of-a-kind SUV series required stunning visuals to kickstart the global launch. Our mandate was “Focus on the essential; surreal but real.” As the sole creative agency involved, 3DEXCITE worked directly with Hyundai to bring their vision to life without compromise, allowing for late-stage revisions to the imagery as the SUV design developed.


Our internal team of CGI consultants at FLAVOR3D by 3DEXCITE captured backplate and HDR environments on location and composited them with the CG Ioniq 5. They shot for eight days at picturesque destinations across Spain, including Calvert Studios, Tenerife, Zaragossa, Valencia, and Madrid.

To achieve the final product, fully-merged CGI with photography, the backplate selection, angle definition, and ‘look & feel’ were co-developed with Hyundai Design Center, allowing fast feedback and approval cycles. This flexible approach minimized the impact of post-COVID restrictions and time constraints.


The result was a triumphant collaboration between Hyundai, their SUV’s trend-setting design, and 3DEXCITE’s creative prowess. 8 Exterior and 5 Interior key visuals (in 2 trims) and 8 Exterior Studio Press Images staged the Ioniq 5 in stunning scenarios that accentuated its appeal. For the all-electric SUV’s global launch on 2/23/2022, the content went live on multiple media platforms and celebrated the vehicle’s great design.

We couldn’t have said it better than Hyundai Motor Group’s CCO:

Great photos, I believe those are the best photos from Hyundai product so far. Well done.

Luc Donckerwolke
Chief Creative Officer of Hyundai Motor Group