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For over two decades, our award-winning artists and storytellers have crafted unique brand-centric Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) content. From initial shoots to pixel-level refinement, our teams deliver expertise for breathtaking images, animations, and top-notch cinematic productions. We handle every aspect: environments, camera configuration, lighting, rendering, compositing, and retouching - ensuring excellence across every project. Collaborate with our team for your upcoming product launch, media campaign, or event, wherever your product demands attention.

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TOYOTA Land Cruiser Customer Reference > Dassault Systemes

Toyota Land Cruiser 150

The Toyota Land Cruiser is known for quality, durability, performance, luxury and comfort. As one of the brand’s classic models, Toyota Motor Europe wanted a dedicated movie to promote the new Land Cruiser’s real-world capabilities, reinforce its heritage and highlight multiple features. 3DEXCITE accepted the challenge.

Using an integrated, multi-disciplinary team approach, 3DEXCITE produced an engaging movie that reveals the new Land Cruiser’s capabilities and takes the viewer on an adventurous journey. By providing transparency and flexibility with regards to the available budget, our focus remained on creating a truly fantastic final product, based on physically correct CG data, that leaves the viewer wanting more.

Audi A8L

We created stunning visual movies that showcase key features of the aesthetic vehicles including basic configuration options. The movies begin with a driver’s side close-up of the front of the luxury vehicles, highlighting both the guest’s choices in vehicle color and wheel style.

Next, guests are treated to a tour of the vehicle’s additional features, such as: panoramic sunroof, intricate LED lights, built-in entertainment system, high-end massage seats and more.  The A8 L and A7 SB visualizer movies provide photorealistic, configurable experiences that powerfully connect the Audi brand with its guests and encourage further purchase consideration.

AUDI A8 Visualizer Customer Reference > Dassault Systemes

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