Simpack 2019x


Simpack is a general purpose multibody simulation (MBS) software used for the dynamic analysis of any mechanical or mechatronic system. It enables engineers to generate and solve virtual 3D models in order to predict and visualize motion, coupling forces and stresses.


From initial concept designs, through to production and redesigns,
Simpack is used to help engineers fully comprehend and optimize systems, vastly reduce the need for physical prototyping, reduce time-to-market and to improve product quality and lifespan. In essence Simpack enables manufacturers to gain a competitive edge by offering the ability create high quality products in a time and materially efficient manner thus reducing overall costs in design, production and maintenance.

Product Portfolio:

  • Simpack Pre
  • Simpack Post
  • Simpack Solve
  • Simpack Wizard
  • 40+ application specific Simpack Pre add-on products, for example:
    • Simpack Automotive
    • Simpack Rail
    • Simpack Flex Modal (flexible body integration)
    • Simpack Gear Pair
    • Simpack EHD
    • Simpack Realtime