Virtual Experiences for Multi-Dimensional Product Exploration

We take a game-changing approach to commercial innovation and provide an edge in rapidly shifting marketplaces. Powerful and unique digital experiences intersect with and enhance the real world to entice customers, win loyalty, and streamline business.

From real-time collaborative decision-making to immersive training and education, experiences offer more advanced and dynamic possibilities than can be found in the real world alone. It's time to build the experiences that bring a product to life in engaging and dynamic ways.

Virtual Worlds

Expand your brand footprint into Virtual Worlds where products can be explored in digital environments just as they are in the real world - but with more interactivity. Realize every potential for customization and engagement in a fully-immersive brand environment. Provide situational awareness for businesses with complex systems like factories with Virtual Towers.

3DEXCITE works with suppliers to create Virtual Twins that populate and feed experiences. Capitalize on 3D Media collaborations with gaming and retail, published in new media spaces where digital natives are exponentially present. 


Whether in-store, mobile, or desktop, gaming experiences provide social and immersive ways to learn about and engage with brands. Enhance product launches with unique gaming experiences that incentivize customer interaction and reward purchase decisions. Give your brand's customers and community a boost with memorable, immersive stories that connect to a brand's core values. Ditch boring training exercises and use morale-boosting edutainment to make learning among internal teams fun in a collaborative, shared environment. Gamification provides unparalleled education and eCommerce experiences that increase conversion rates and dwell time on multiple platforms or channels. 


Product configurators are some of the most powerful tools brands can use to connect with customers. They offer many choices, easily side-stepping common customer woes by providing bespoke options. Choice is the mechanism that engages a consumer, allowing them to explore and interact with a product as much as they want before deciding on a purchase. In today's digital retail landscape, configurators aren't just a benefit; they are a lightning rod for customer attention, where they and a brand connect to create a meaningful engagement. At the same time, valuable insights into customer behaviors offer a window to predict future buying trends and lessen product stagnation.

Virtual Reality

It's time to imagine new, more vivid realities where brands connect with customers in unique 3D settings that contextualize a product. Virtual Reality offers an entirely immersive experience, transforming purchase decisions into cherished customer memories, and education can become more engaging and fun. Brands are no longer limited to physical or online stores. VR brings limitless creativity to life, offering customers the chance to escape the mundane and embark on exciting adventures. Here is where authentic experiences and B2C bonds form. Once a connection is made, it leaves an indelible impression that users want to enjoy again and again.

Augmented Reality

Training, education, navigation, and interactive product experiences are just a few ways that Augmented Reality gives the real world an exciting, creative spark. AR experiences open new possibilities for interaction and engagement, delivering more value from mobile devices. Try on a new pair of custom shoes to ensure they fit your style, or inspect your new car from every angle and interact with informative touch-points without leaving the living room. Practical training and education are possible on a broader scale than ever before - layer information over real-world objects, like an engine needing repair to access a digital product manual from a device. Augmented experiences deliver information in ways that are highly visual and optimized for learning.

Virtual Events

Virtual Events open the event landscape and provide a safe, cost-effective, and innovative way to deliver an event to anyone, anywhere, with virtual booths and immersive presentations. Virtual sessions live online perpetually, decreasing costs, travel, and resources generally associated with physical events. Brand perception and influence expand thanks to technology that places attendees in virtual experiences designed to educate, inspire and motivate. Deliver digital event content through social media channels to increase impact and value. With Virtual Events, brands and event organizers can translate seemingly complex ideas through visually appealing stories that stay with attendees long after the event wraps.