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Dimensional Control Systems, Inc. (DCS) is a software and service provider of dimensional quality solutions, providing variation analysis software,...

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Company address: 5750 NEW KING DR STE 330 48098-2696 TROY OAKLAND MI, USA

Website: http://www.3dcs.com

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Dimensional Control Systems, Inc. (DCS) is a software and service provider of dimensional quality solutions, providing variation analysis software, engineering consulting, as well as quality management systems customized to customer needs.  3DCS Variation Analyst is a 3D variation analysis software solution offered as either an independent CAD solution or as a CATIA V5, V6, NX or CREO integrated solution.



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The 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler is an add-on module to 3DCS which utilizes Finite Element Methods to accurately simulate variation of compliant parts and assemblies. 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler simulates compliant part deformation resulting from manufacturing operations such as clamping, welding, unclamping, and force application.Benefits: Cost avoidance through improved product designThe downstream cost of a design error increases dramatically the longer it goes undetected in the design/manufacturing cycle. Scrap, rework, engineering changes and tooling delays can all add up to cut deeply into profits. 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler provides the engineering community with an efficient method of evaluating the influence of material deformation during the digital prototype phases. Problem areas can be identified and corrected early in the product development cycle. Optimizing the dimensional integrity improves the robustness of design and processes by maximizing part tolerances, while controlling the dimensional requirements of the entire compliant assembly.Key Product Features*Simulate deformation within the virtual assembly process*Render photo realistic deformation*Support Monte Carlo, contributor analysis and equation based tolerance analysis*Support for diagnostic functions including key contributor analysis and Geofactor, available in 3DCS*Incorporate part deformation resulting from clamping, welding, fastening, gravity, force application and spring-back*Leverage existing FEM/FEA models to accurately reflect deformable parts*Easy to learn, intuitive graphical user interface

Dimensional Analysis is used to "drive" the design (both geometry and tolerances) to meet defined quality and cost requirements while meeting component manufacturers’ capabilities. 3DCS CAA V5 Based Tolerance Analysis software offers engineering the opportunity to optimize component tolerances and maximize quality while minimizing costs. The optimal time to complete the variation analysis is as early in the product's lifecycle as possible to make the most impact to the overall design quality. Whether the quality characteristics are for fit, finish / aesthetic properties, or functional requirements, 3DCS can be used to improve the assembly quality.

3DCS Variation Analyst is a scalable, fast, easy to use product that supports Stylist, Perceived Quality, Design, Analysis and Manufacturing Engineers with a variety of capabilities to manage design quality from beginning to end of a product lifecycle. From visualizing the impact of design and manufacturing variation of a product’s perceived quality (fit and finish), to comprehensive in-depth tolerance analysis for identification of critical to quality characteristics, to root-cause analysis of variation problems in production, 3DCS covers the scope of dimensional quality while being seamlessly integrated into the 3DExperience, CATIA V6 and CATIA V5. 

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