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Over 100 years of experience in vehicle production and a broad range of services make MAGNA STEYR the worldwide leading brand-independent engineering and...

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Company address: LIEBENAUER HAUPTSTRASSE 317 8041 GRAZ , AUT

Website: http://www.magnasteyr.com/

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Over 100 years of experience in vehicle production and a broad range of services make MAGNA STEYR the worldwide leading brand-independent engineering and manufacturing partner for OEMs. 

Our extensive range of services covers five product groups:

  • Engineering Services: From systems and modules to complete vehicle engineering
  • Vehicle Contract Manufacturing: Flexible solutions from niche to volume production
  • Fuel Systems: Conventional energy storage systems (made of steel, plastic and aluminum) 

As an innovative company, we are always searching for new and improved solutions for our partners and strive for top quality at competitive prices. This means every customer gets what they expect from us: a service package from MAGNA STEYR that is perfectly tailored to meet their needs globally. 


Partner Highlights

FEMSITE is the software developed by MAGNA STEYR for the simulation of the fatigue strength and automotive body development with the focus on:

  • Load data analysis and processing: FEMSITE Load Analysis, Automatic control of the damage during testing – online classification
  • Fatigue life estimations: FEMSITE Fatigue Multiaxial (for chassis, drivetrain and car body) . NEW: fatigue life simulation based on Power Spectral Density Spectrum, fatigue life simulation controlled by material parameters, fatigue life simulation for cutting contours and detailed  evaluation of the stress conditions of spot-wise connectors for basic load cases and in the time range. Automated detailed evaluations.
  • Calculations of safety factors: FEMSITE Fatigue Uniaxial (for chassis, drivetrain and car body) 
  • Tools for the development and optimization of car bodies/components: FEMSITE Car Body
  • Generation, evaluation and optimization of the joining techniques (eg. spot welds, self-pearcing rivets, screws, seam welds, bondings): FEMSITE Car Body
  • Material database: FEMSITE Material Database  NEW: New automated functionalities for generating materials.
  • NEW: Detailed evaluations for Load Analysis for the chassis on the platforms Windows and Linux.

FEMSITE Fatigue is the software in order to perform, amongst others, the structural durability simulation. The simulation of fatigue strength is based on the stress results of common FE-solvers. FEMSITE Fatigue has an import functionality for FE results from several FE Codes and an Export functionality of the simulation results for Abaqus CAE/Viewer. NEW: Abaqus Interface for Abaqus 2017.




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