Partnership Programs

Whether you need a partner to support your transformation or you want to join our ecosystem, check out our wide range of partnership programs and choose the ones that fit you.

Trusted Advisors and Business Experts

SaaS Resellers, Software Specialist Distributors, Consultants & System integrators, Virtual Twin Builders, Startup Incubators, and more...

Reselling, Implementation & Training
Reselling, Implementation & Training partners leverage Dassault Systèmes portfolio and enrich customers' experience with additional services and learning solutions.
Consulting & System Integration
The Consulting & System Integration partner program allows consultants and system integrators, paired with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, to truly amplify the value of our industry solutions and the realization of your enterprise digital strategy.
Value Partners accredited to resell Education offers are committed to the development of talents in education institutions and training organizations.
Business Experiences
Business Experience Partners open up new worlds of collaboration, leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the Cloud and translating their knowledge and know-how into disruptive Business Experiences, providing clients with ready-to-use working environments for any business activities.
Startup Incubation
The Startup Incubation program allows Startup Incubators to join forces with the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab to help bring innovative projects to life for a better future.

Complementary Solutions and Capabilities

Independent Software Vendors, Hardware Manufacturers, Content Designers, Research Institutes, and more...

Complementary Software
The Complementary Software partner program allows Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Innovative developers to build complementary software applications and add-ons that are fully integrated with Dassault Systèmes solutions in specific domains.
Compatible Hardware
The Compatible Hardware partner program gathers all IT Infrastructure providers that collaborate with Dassault Systèmes to deliver compatible cutting-edge solutions and provide the ultimate user experience to our joint clients.
The Content partner program allows 3D content providers as well as Manufacturers of hardware technology, equipment, and machines to provide Dassault Systèmes users with best-in-class 3D models that they can insert within their design and simulation environments.

On-Demand Industrial Services

Manufacturing and Engineering service providers

Manufacturing Services

Find dozens of service providers in few clicks and get an instant quote for your manufacturing project.

Engineering Services

The most seamless way to Digitize, Design or Certify your Products with leading engineers worldwide.