Startup Incubation

The Startup Incubation program allows Startup Incubators to join forces with the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab to help bring innovative projects to life for a better future.

About Startup Incubation partner program

The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab shapes a new framework of open innovation that merges collective intelligence with a cross-collaborative approach to foster entrepreneurship as well as to strengthen society´s future of creation.

Startup incubators help entrepreneurs and startups in turning their ideas and inventions into successful businesses.

To support startups and entrepreneurs in their development, the startup incubators bring expertise, mentoring, and networking. From Dassault Systèmes's side, we provide the software and technical expertise to help startups develop physical products. We can also provide marketing and communication support such as joint events, co-branded materials & content.

Why join our Startup Incubators partner network?

Join forces with us to accelerate disruptive innovation strongly impacting society.

Free software and technical support

Your startups will get access to the 3DS software and the technical support they need to develop their idea.

Mentoring & Networking

Your startups and your members will get access to the 3DS mentors and to a valuable business network via our communities.

Marketing & Communication

Your startups and you can be part of the marketing activities with Dassault Systèmes via events organization and promotion via our marketing assets.

Fab lab

Your startups and you can freely use the machines of our FabLabs (Paris, Boston, Pune and Munich) to prototype or manufacture their products.

The 3DExperience Lab has been instrumental to bolster thought leadership activities in the blue economy industry, inspiring more entrepreneurs and helping OHA to build a pipeline. The 3DExperience Lab has also enabled entrepreneurs to design, test and improve a number of mechanical engineering systems virtually in a time and cost-efficient way, reducing risks and facilitating the raising of development funding, quite literally unlocking the development potential of innovation in the ocean space.

Alexis Grosskopf
CEO OceanHub Africa

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