Education Partners are 3DEXPERIENCE platform experts specialized in offers for students and the academic world.

About skills for the future

Education Partners are Dassault Systèmes business partners with an in-depth understanding of the education world. They play a critical role by helping academic institutions and training organizations build the workforce of the future and ensuring the employability of tomorrow’s engineers. By delivering dedicated education offers, Education partners provide immediate value to education institutions:

  • Cutting-edge apps: Everything you need to transfer your pedagogy on a secured and cloud-based platform.
  • Learning content designed by teachers: Get the right teaching resources for learning by doing and sharing essential skills & knowledge.
  • Dedicated community: Accelerate collaboration for your students and receive best platform practices & 3DS coaching.

Why Work with a Partner specialized in Education?

Our Education Partners are specialized in academic challenges and bring best-in-class industry expertise and learning experiences in order to ensure students' success.

In-depth understanding of academic challenges locally

Education Partners have deep insights into the challenges facing by academic institutions. With a local presence, our partners are the most trusted advisors when it comes to markets and market trends.

Connect with the world of industry

Coming up with an extensive industry expertise, partners will enable you to understand how to adapt your teaching and learning experiences to the challenges facing industry today.

Ensure students success

Education Partners will help you successfully build your curriculum, tailored precisely to your needs, and provide comprehensive technical support when needed.

Why join our Education partner program?

Join forces with us to explore high level challenges.

Build workforce of the future

Increasing talents pipeline & champions. Being involved in the Education partner program shows to your business customers and prospects that you invest in Education and training to help them get the best and brightest talent – and the best results.

Connect the academic and business worlds

Advise academic customers on the best skills to develop to meet the growing need for innovation spurred by Industry 4.0. Grow your business by connecting your business and academic customers when they look for students trained on DS solutions. 

Strengthen your corporate image

Your company will acquire a strong reputation as a reliable partner that supports future talents, together with a greater web and social media presence.

Partner Benefits

Marketing Support

Creation of marketing assets as well as co-marketing social media campaigns to promote our solutions and reach the Education audience with specific messages.

Technical support

Technical support is provided all along your journey through the Public Academic Community and technical webinars on Education offers.

Sales Enablement

In each geography, our Sales experts can help you develop the right skills to successfully sell Education solutions. Webinar sessions are organized throughout the year.


Already a Partner? Get Access to your Resources

As an Education partner, get access to a complete suite of tools and communities to manage licenses, analyze sales, download learning materials and enable go-to-market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Education Partners


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