Value Partners accredited to resell Education offers are committed to the development of talents in education institutions and training organizations.

About skills for the future

We are living in a changing world full of opportunities, bringing new ways of learning, producing, and doing business. Education institutions need to be ready for tomorrow’s job market and be up to date with fast-evolving work practices. This is the purpose of 3DEXPERIENCE Edu and the mission of value partners accredited to resell Education Offers.


Value Partners (accredited to resell Education offers) have an in-depth understanding of the education world. They play a critical role by helping Education institutions build the workforce of the future and ensure the employability of tomorrow’s engineers. By delivering dedicated education offers, they provide immediate value to learning institutions and organizations through cutting-edge apps, learning content designed by teachers, and access to dedicated communities.

Why Work with a Partner committed to Education?

Our Value Partners are specialized in Education challenges and bring best-in-class industry expertise and content in order to ensure students' success.

In-depth understanding of Education challenges

The Partners have deep insights into the challenges facing Education institutions. With a local presence, they are the most trusted advisors on the market.

Connect with the world of industry

Coming up with an extensive industry expertise, partners will enable you to understand how to adapt your teaching and learning experiences to the challenges facing industry today.

Ensure students success

The Partners will help you successfully build your curriculum and foster student employability through industry-recognized certification programs.

Why resell Education offers?

Join forces with us to explore high level challenges.

Build workforce of the future

Attracting the right talents is a key competitive advantage for industry leaders. As part of their commitment to building the workforce of the future, the Partners show customers and prospects the added value of investing in Education to help them get the best and brightest talents and optimal project results - all critical to their business success.

Connect the education and business worlds

Grow your business by connecting the needs of industry customers and Education institutions. Help them provide the best solutions and build your network of ambassadors.

Strengthen your corporate image

Your company will acquire a strong reputation as a reliable partner that supports future talents, together with an enhanced web and social media presence.

Partner Benefits

Sales Enablement

In each geography, our Sales experts can help you develop the right skills to successfully sell Education solutions.

Incentives & Rewards

Your commitment to Education will unlock the potential to gain extra points as part of our Partner Reward labels.

Marketing Support

Creation of marketing assets as well as co-marketing social media campaigns to promote 3DEXPERIENCE Edu offers and reach the Education audience with specific messages.

Technical support

In addition to classical technical support, we provide specialized support on Education matters through the Academic Community.


Already a Partner? Get Access to your Resources

As a Value Partner accredited to resell Education offers, get access to a complete suite of tools and communities to manage licenses, analyze sales, download learning materials, and enable go-to-market.

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