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Baker Hughes Incorporated (NYSE: BHI) creates value from oil and gas reservoirs with high-performance drilling, evaluation, completions and production...

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Company address: 2001 RANKIN RD 77073-5114 HOUSTON HARRIS TX, USA


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Baker Hughes Incorporated (NYSE: BHI) creates value from oil and gas reservoirs with high-performance drilling, evaluation, completions and production technology and services, integrated operations and reservoir consulting. Our solutions are designed to lower costs, reduce risk, or improve productivity for the global oil and gas industry.

Baker Hughes Reservoir Software suite manages the most complex reservoir modeling, geomechanics, and hydraulic fracturing simulation tasks. Now, you can improve project performance with optimally integrated workflows. Our software suite is based on an extensible, customizable platform.

Users are able to:
*Create complex geologic models in days instead of weeks using JewelSuite™ integrated reservoir modeling software.
*Efficiently integrate microseismic data, hydraulic fracturing, reservoir simulations and geomechanical modeling into a single workflow.
*Move from 2D maps to 3D models for enhanced understanding of your shale gas plays. Easy, fast, accurate.

Our superior geomechanics software, which has enabled hundreds of successful project recommendations during the past decade, uses smart algorithms to predict stress and pore pressure for minimizing drilling risk. You can optimize your field development plan by creating detailed 3D geomechanics models and combining them with reservoir models.


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JewelSuite™ subsurface modeling software quickly builds and updates complex subsurface models accurately. We've integrated seismic, geologic, flow simulation, and geomechanical modeling into a single, multidisciplinary workflow, an industry exclusive. These four models in one offer you a comprehensive view of the reservoir faster with all asset team members, regardless of location, able to update the model working in our collaborative framework.

Building realistic, high-resolution, 3D finite-element models of reservoirs and overburdens in significantly less time is made simple through Baker Hughes' JewelSuite reservoir modeling software that now seamlessly connects to the SIMULIA's Abaqus brand of Dassault Systèmes.

The new JewelSuite 4D GeoMechanics module is unique in its ability to quantify stress changes, impact on production, long-term completion stability and fault activation. It allows Baker Hughes' customers to more accurately calculate deformations within and around the reservoir, as well as anticipate the necessary steps to mitigate subsidence.

The pairing of Baker Hughes's JewelSuite™ subsurface modeling software with SIMULIA's Abaqus Unified Finite Element Analysis (FEA) product suite creates a robust, single environment for integrated subsurface modeling and simulation and paves the way for future technology development. The JewelSuite software merges static and dynamic modeling to facilitate a smooth translation between geologic models and simulation models, helping operators create a field development plan to optimize performance.

The Abaqus FEA suite uses proven algorithms to simulate the nonlinear stress, large Abaqus, compaction and subsidence that can occur during production from hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs. In addition, ABAQUS allows operators to analyze larger models with realistic detail.

The powerful, unique solution that emerges through this combination allows operators to predict and explain current and future full-field geomechanics behavior under drilling, stimulation and production scenarios for better field development strategies to help reduce costs and improve oil recovery.


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