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Design in the Age of Experience

The Power of Experience Thinking

Experience Thinking is revolutionizing design. It goes beyond traditional design and engineering to create a full emotional experience for your customers. Are you ready for the future of design?


Design Trends in the Age of Experience

Revolutionize design with Experience Thinking

It is no longer enough for companies to think of just a product’s design, but rather the overall holistic experience a company wants to bring to the market. Experience Thinking comprises all the steps a company must consider when innovating…starting with Awareness, the Buying Experience, the Product Experience, Service, Content, Usage and Ownership. Each one is critical, and that is why focusing solely on the product and its design is not enough.

Monica Menghini — Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Dassault Systèmes

Design in the Age of Experience

Design has evolved from just creating products to crafting engaging experiences that build binding relationships between brands and consumers.

Experience Thinking encompasses a new scope for design co-creative, highly participative, converging ideas and talents from design, science, social, and business. All these elements come together under the umbrella of community-based design.

The power of experience thinking

Winning customers in the era of powerful experiences

Design an experience within a virtual reality

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables users to design revolutionary and connected products, services, infrastructures and even cities within their own virtual environment. Designers can model ground-breaking ideas, from simple parts and assemblies to the most complex systems, simulate them in operation, try out multiple scenarios and select the best alternatives. Stakeholders and customers can experience and interact with these concepts before they even exist.

Design as a social and collaborative approach

Design is a social activity, bringing together points of view from multiple disciplines, as well as customers’ insights and preferences to create an engaging, individualized experience. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform fosters and simplifies this innovation process, bringing together interests from multiple tribes who look to influence and shape elements from ideation to engineering to production and harmonize product, nature and life.

Science as an inspiration for Design with continuing innovations and discoveries

Design is inspired by science with continuing innovations and discoveries. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides intelligent design template management, automation, and generative design for developing shapes and properties that mimic nature to create sustainable structures and products.

Offering new business models and ecosystems for consumers

Design affects the way consumers interact with their products. Modern connected ecosystems define new ways to consume. Remarkable opportunities are now opening up for businesses eager to adopt new ways to operate, use data and relate to customers. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables this transformation for sustainable, long-term business success in a changing world.

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