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anne-sophie bosse Dassault Systemes
Anne Sophie BOSSE
UX Design Art Direction & Branding
damien ferry Dassault Systemes
Damien FERRY
Operations Director
anne asensio Dassault Systemes


Vice President, Design Experience

Anne leads Dassault Systèmes’ Design Experience strategy with the mission to define and implement best-in-class design solutions for companies, design studios and designers; as well as to foster a Design Excellence culture within Dassault Systèmes.


jonathan monfroy Dassault Systemes
Jonathan MONFROY
Product Design & Making
leborgne Dassault Systemes
Art Director, Media & Films
Fanny cabanne Dassault Systemes
Marketing & Communications
sebastien smetryns Dassault Systemes
Sebastien SMETRYNS
Experience Design & Design Research
thibault-berard Dassault Systemes
Thibault BERARD
Experience Design
Roger Dassault Systemes
Paul-Emeric ROGER
Design Thinking & UX Design
To be confirmed
Product Design Engineer
To be confirmed
Real Time Experience Developer

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Future of Design - Episode 1

Listen to this insightful podcast as Anne Asensio shares her thoughts on how companies can design a desirable future by leveraging digital technologies.

She highlights the importance of designing experiences instead of designing products in today’s economy and sends a message to young designers for succeeding in the Age of Experience.

anne asensio Dassault Systemes

Join our COLLIDERS Community

COLLIDERS is a community of design thinkers and makers keen to engage in collaborative and sustainable innovation — colliding, designing, making, creating, sharing and coaching each other.

COLLIDERS provides a dedicated environment on Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform with Cloud access to Design Studio expertise, Dassault Systèmes roles, rich 3D content and powerful applications.


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