An “Innovation By Design” Consultancy

We bring our design driving force as 3D innovators to companies, brands, startups and creators. Experience thinking is at the core of our practice.

A Transdisciplinary team of designers

We help companies, small and large, make their innovation happen. Together, we leverage design methodologies and 3D technology to create meaningful and sustainable experiences.

A Common Journey on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

We accelerate and secure your sustainable innovation by leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as an open social ideation across your ecosystem and reduce the distance between your creativity , your value proposition and your clients.

Our Approach



Innovation powered by Human Experience

Innovation today requires HUMAN EXPERIENCE CENTERED, not product-centered approaches.To do so, companies need to design value.

Designing an Experience is about thinking a product and/or a service as a system with in mind:

  • Its context of use
  • The space and time
  • The specific needs and expectations of end users
  • Sensorial and sensible interactions.


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Experience VR

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How we engage

To create meaningful and sustainable experiences
for your clients and make innovation happen,
we work hand-in-hand with our customers.

We create a specific project workspace to ensure success
by assembling the right team from a wide ecosystem
in close collaboration mode & leveraging Dassault Systèmes'
3DEXPERIENCE platform.



How we proceed

Our iterative process is focused around 3 main loops:

  • we envision the experience with a systemic approach;
  • we quickly prototype to test and validate the proposals;
  • and evaluate and improve them by letting the end user live the experience in a 3D real-time prototype.

This iterative process can be applied either in coaching or co-creation mode, depending on our customer’s context.


sustainable design practitioner

We believe

Humanizing tech

When science & technologies are everywhere, discover how Miele use design to better connect with the human experience.

  • We consider our interactions with machines, data, A.I, and the change it causes in humanity...
  • We want to move toward a desirable balance between less comondity and more utility, personalized experiences, simplicity & control, justice and fairness. 


Experience is a system of system

Discover how Modul'air use Design Thinking and simulation to redesign public transportation

  • We live with other with large flexible infrastructures, as part of systemic, dynamic environments.
  • We collaborate with designers willing to address how we dwell, move and interact within complex ecosystems.


Science & Generativity

  • We intend to reconcile Art and Science using Scientific capacities, Data, A.I, Simulation into a new material for design.
  • We foster tangible dialogues with designers who want to question their creative and experimental practice.

Matter still matters

Discover how Tamu use...

  • As we address sustainability and regeneration - sourcing, use, design and assembly of matter are of utmost importance
  • ... We help designers to rematerialize the world, leveraging biomimicry, and hands-on experiences, with re-engineers materials.


Discover how;...

  • Design should aim to rebalance our ecosystems, encouraging changing behaviors, regenerating local know-how and scientific knowledge
  • to reinvent our habitat and explore ways to bring our mental and physical health and overall well-being into alignment.

Design in life

Discover how...

  • We design everyday objects. As ever evolving ecosystems, cities are home to a population bigger than ever before. 
  • We have the ambition to set the right place to foster contributions, collaborations, experimentations to sustain our living conditions.

They believe in us

Join our COLLIDERS Community

COLLIDERS is a community of design thinkers and makers keen to engage in collaborative and sustainable innovation .

Colliding, designing, making, creating, sharing and coaching each other Colliders provides a dedicated environment on Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform with the DESIGNStudio experts on the cloud with access to 3DS roles, knowledge and knowhow.

We impact

Collective consciousness because we care

Collective well being starts with me, and consequences of my actions ends with the world I live in. Every day impact can be felt through multiple lense as for our daily improved little changes that we do. 

Connected collective intelligence

Virtual worlds are becoming more prominent for communication and expand continiously shape-shifting.

Time for planet

The livability of the world as the foundation of buisness and industry inhabitants must look at companies foundations to make sure it says habitable.

Our Design Stories

Design is ultimately the art of the possible, a state of mind seeking to harmonize human environment




Anne Asensio
Vice-President, Design Experience, Dassault Systèmes

Future of Design - Episode 1

Listen to this insightful podcast as Anne ASENSIO shares her thoughts on how companies can design a desirable future by leveraging digital technologies.

She highlights the importance of designing experiences instead of designing products in today’s economy and send a message to the young designers of today on succeeding in the age of experience.



DesignStudio Team

Anne Sophie BOSSE
Design Manager, UX, Art Direction & Branding
Damien FERRY
Design Innovation Operations Director
Jonathan MONFROY
Lead Creative Designer, Product Design & Making
Art Director Media & Films


Vice President, Design Experience

Anne Asensio leads Dassault Systèmes’ Design Experience strategy with the mission to define and implement “best in class” design solutions for companies, design studios and individual designers as well as to foster a Design Excellence culture within Dassault Systemes.


Copywriting & Editing, Networking
Sebastien SMETRYNS
Senior Manager, Experience Design & Design Research
Thibault BERARD
Design Manager
Paul-Emeric ROGER
Design & Innovation Manager
Robinson LACOTTE
Real Time Experience Developer
Ongoing recruitment process
Product Design Engineer

They inspire us



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