An innovation by design consultancy.

Our Purpose

Fast-changing forms of innovation dramatically disrupt organizations. Emerging digital technologies, new relationships to users, and start-ups are transforming the way business and people operate. Organizations require an efficient roadmap to transform their offering, innovation processes, collaboration regimes and business models. That’s why we bring our design driving force to you: we help companies, small and large, make their innovation happen. Together, we leverage the power of 3D technologies to create new and meaningful experiences for your customers.

Designers have the capacity to improve the way we interact with nature, with machines, with ourselves.



Anne Asensio
Vice-President, Design Experience, Dassault Systèmes

Our Methodology

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Experience Thinking

We help you build, shape and share the vision of your new business, next offer or future customer experience. 

/ Identity boards / Personas / Scenarios / Value proposition / System model / Business model /



A discovery phase followed by a series of matrices, overlapping iterations.


Generate and collide ideas, co-create requirements and user goals relevant for the experience.

Experience Ecosystem

Craft scenarios, systems and business models to anchor the project in reality.


Secure Making

We help you secure the end-to-end industrialization process with an agile approach.
/ Team alignment / Scope of works / Feasibility study / Digital continuity / Manufacturing follow-up / Design secured /


Ensure collaboration and decision making between designer, engineer and manufacturer for industrialization.


Feasibility studies, coordination and convergence on the 3D master model.


Provide guidance to ensure design integrity from 3D master model to production.


Innovation Making

We help you co-create, prototype and experiment your innovation projects.
/ Identity references / Personas / Hand sketches / 3D Master / 3D Renderings / Demonstrators / Test guides / Test reports /

Design Management

Best-in-class design practices rooted in experience to ensure coherence and drive alignment.


Make ideas, concepts tangible and iterate early in the process on real prototypes and simulation.


Anticipate issues to help speed up the project process and ensure user adoption.

Benefits of our methodology

Enhanced … by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform


 the distance between an idea and the market


 customer adoption


the respect of the design intent all the way to final outcome


new technology adoption: immersive, generative, system

Our Success Stories