Design for Life

The sustainability imperative in design and innovation.


As unprecedented challenges arise for our planet and humanity, Design is imperative in finding solutions that enable us humans to co-exist in harmony with nature and the biosphere.

We must collectively move from a culture of "creating in the absence of limits" to "creating in a limited world".

We have reached a moment in human history where we must design for sustainability and the impact on society. If we want to shift individual and collective behavior toward sustainability, we first need to engage people with compelling reasons to do so — with meaningful, beautiful, emotional experiences.

It is the purpose of this initiative. We craft the roadmap for a new materialism and a new way of life, in a respectful and joyous relationship with the material world.

What’s possible despite global challenges?

5 challenges are directly affecting our quest for a more sustainable future.

Continually growing complexity, the need for sustainability, ubiquity, Design & Science necessity and Workforce of the future.

Science & Design, partners to make life better

Designers are experts in imagining new narratives and possible futures, disrupting and re-arranging systems, and, in the process, improving life. They act at the heart of human communities, fostering regenerative and participative approaches.

Design engages people, promotes individual actions and helps to represent collective ones. Ultimately, design is the art of the possible. It fosters systemic change.In this context, new sustainable design practices are emerging and others will take shape.

  • Creating sustainable experiences is a complex process, requiring a diversity of knowledge and expertise. Virtual worlds enable us to reinvent and extend the real world, understanding the holistic and systemic impacts of design initiatives.
  • Science powers design. The combination of science and technology is accelerating creation cycles that will usher in a new era of disruptive solutions to today’s challenges. If science is discovering the means to access the world, design creates the conditions of inhabiting the world.

Science and design are the necessary partners to deliver results that make life better.



Dassault Systèmes Design Community

Design For Life is a content collaboration between Dezeen and Dassault Systèmes featuring talks and videos highlighting designers who are using technology and research to build a better world.

Julia Koerner: "3D-printed fashion has no limitations of form and geometry"

Julia Koerner explains how she uses technology to apply architectural techniques to fashion and costume design in the first video of our Design for Life collaboration with Dassault Systèmes.

2 minutes 28
Arthur Mamou-Mani collaborates with Dassault Systèmes to explore "lifecycle of materials"

Arthur Mamou-Mani explains how he is partnering with Dassault Systèmes to investigate "cradle-to-cradle" architecture in the latest video of our Design for Life collaboration with the software brand.

3 minutes 14
Nassia Inglessis: "Architecture should create possibilities for interaction"

Studio INI founder Nassia Inglessis describes how technology enables her to create interactive spaces. The practice is known for creating intricate architectural installations that respond to the bodies of visitors.

2 minutes 7
Michael Pawlyn: "Biomimicry enables architects to make positive impact on the environment

Exploration Architecture founder Michael Pawlyn explains how computational design tools allow architects to mimic the natural world.

3 minutes 14

Design Trends – What are Dassault Systèmes Design Drivers?

Upstream & Experience Thinking

Ideation to prototypes through human centered contribution.


Design for Sustainable impact

Design with material sourcing and end-of-life in mind

Dassault Systèmes is a global hub for all levels of manufacturing solutions

No matter the size of company, scope of business or level of digitalization, our solutions not only contribute to the advancement of manufacturing, but how businesses remain sustainable and better connect with customers.

Discover Dassault Systèmes Success stories powered by Design

The sustainable goals by Design

Design is the art of the possible. It fosters systemic change.In this context, new sustainable design practices are emerging and others will take shape.

As a member of the World Design Organization, Dassault Systèmes is committed to working towards the United nations' Sustainable Development Goals by Design and helping our customers and partners to do as well.