With a 150-year tradition of creating luxury porcelain, Bernardaud remains at the forefront of innovation. Merging its historical know-how with new technologies such as 3D modeling, this icon of French excellence is now able to create complex shapes that were once impossible. The Twist collection is a perfect example.

Optimizing our historical know-how with new technologies as 3D modeling enables us to make complex shapes that were impossible until now.

Charles Bernardaud portrait
Charles Bernardaud
Director of Development, Bernardaud
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About Bernardaud

Based in Limoges, France, Bernardaud masters the art of French porcelain since 1863, combining artisanship, creativity and heritage. Symbol of French excellence, the company has always been a model of quality and precision. At the forefront of design and innovation, Bernardaud constantly develops new technologies, pushing the limits of technical know-how.

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