Design & Science

Bridging design & science.

Design is empowered by science, and soon through dialogue with artificial intelligence (AI). The designer is enhanced by technology and scientific capacity. But how do we make science accessible to designers?

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a place where a designer may be in contact with other experts (an aerodynamics engineer, an electrical engineer, a scientist); or where a scientist could design a material at nanoscale. A designer wouldn’t invent a new material on their own, nor would a scientist design applications for this material. But both together could develop a product or an experience that may change the world.

The combination of science and technology is accelerating creation cycles that will usher in a new era of disruptive solutions to answer today’s challenges. Science and design are the necessary partners to create advantages and deliver results that make life better.

Together, information (data and knowledge) and people can change the way we design. Data-driven generative design is a new shift for design. The material that makes up products and experiences is now increasingly virtual; data is effectively a material for design.