What interactions coexist between science and art?

How can designers best seize science and experiment creatively?

What scientific tools are available to designers?

Science Powers Design

With simulation, new living models are virtually tested and optimized, in a virtuous iterative process to ensure the quality of life.

In dialogue with artificial intelligence, data-driven generative design leads to consider data as a new material for design.

Generative Design in action!

Generative design offers a new dimension to the design process.It is one step further in the creativity to open the field of possibilities with parametric design.

The interactive experience below illustrates this new way to create by exploring variants from the same intent with CATIA xGenerative Design.

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Generative design Dassault Systemes

Shape, Generative Design & Simulation

Scientific tools used in the industry are a resource for experimentation and creativity. They foster creative dialogues between man and machine, hands and algorithms, transforming the art of design as unexpected patterns and shapes are generated — with the undeniable benefit of scientific conformity and industrial feasibility.

Biomimicry, for instance, emulates natural processes in technological and industrial design. In other words, it is taking inspiration from nature to innovate.

Data becomes creative material. Simulation, such as fluidics, can be used early on in the creation process to help decision-making and trade-offs. Essential parameters for determining which creative directions to pursue. UX and UI simulation radically transform design processes.  


The TAMU Chair, or the art of folding

Corporate Report

When we devised the concept for this chair, we built on thousands of years of human intelligence. Designers are perpetuating that intelligence.

Designing impactful innovation

Discover the power of the Cloud by playing with E-way Rescue Roadster prototype in 3D!

The future of retail is customized

Virtual technologies open up possibilities for extending personalization and customization to other sectors of commerce.

Cloud & Web based Creative Design Solutions

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