Virtual Design Experience

Working with expertise, knowledge & teams around the globe, in a virtual design space.

What are the benefits of Virtual Twin Experience for Design?

How can we combine virtual & real worlds to explore scenarios of use in context?

How can virtual tools really enhance collaborative creative projects?

Design as a systemic process

It calls on human creativity, diverse expertise, knowledge, know-how and committed individuals, the creative force of the future.

Transdisciplinary resonates with the growing demand for more open, participative collaboration that need to occur anytime, anywhere, to tackle complex systemic and recurrent problems around the globe.

Metroz Dassault Systemes

Connected Design & Virtual Twin Experience

Today, the designer is a creator, a co-creator of these relational systems and tools within complex ecosystems where new forms of collaboration can develop and prosper, generating models that go far beyond the people directly involved and improving social cohesion as a whole.

Real-time collaboration of complementary disciplines and expertise is enabled by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, where 3D, virtual immersive spaces allow real-time collaboration around a single source of truth.

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