Announcing a new partnership with Digifabster

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Digifabster. This will enable a faster access to our instant quotes on additive manufacturing and CNC projects. DigiFabster is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) organisation that provides cloud-based tools that help manufacturing companies automate quoting, order entry and customer support.

A new partnership that will improve the Marketplace Make experience

DigiFabster provides quoting automation, e-commerce, and payment solutions to CNC and additive manufacturers globally. DigiFabster allows manufacturing shops to provide a modern buying experience to their customers by providing an instant quote or allowing them to purchase parts 24/7 on their website. DigiFabster offers several flexible implementation options, including an internal-only quoting automation tool or a fully white-labeled e-commerce solution offering multiple levels of pricing visibility. DigiFabster also offers DigiFabster Pay, a payment system specifically designed for CNC and additive manufacturers. Digifabster is designed to be quick to implement and easy to use. A new customer can expect to be up and running after a few hours of configuration. Using their proprietary Price Matching tool, users can generate an accurate pricing algorithm in just minutes. Digifabster has 250+ customers and over 50,000 end users globally.

DigiFabster’s partnership with the 3DExperience Make will expand the number of providers able to offer instant pricing quotes to marketplace visitors. This partnership will allow each marketplace provider to configure its pricing by implementing DigiFabster via an add-in for Solidworks or Catia. When a user submits a model through Marketplace, it will utilize DigiFabster’s technology used by the provider to deliver an instant quote and order option within seconds.

Our service providers such as HLH  already use Digifabster, check the workflow in the video below:



Get multiple quotes for your parts in seconds