JVS 3D - About us

Based in Hoogeveen in Netherlands, the company JVS 3D is engaged in the development of new products/prototypes thanks to 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing in plastics (PLA, ABS, Metal, TPE, PTEG), but other materials are also discussed to realize a total product. The development of products can be done for the consumer as well as the industry and the automotive industry. In addition, JVS 3D is also involved in the development of injection molds for the manufacture of plastic products.

JVS 3D - Manufacturing process

3D printing Xometry

3D printing

  • Material extrusion - FDM
  • Material jetting - MJ, NPJ, DOD
  • Photopolymerization - SLA, DLP, VAT, CDLP
  • Powder bed fusion - PBF, SLS, DMLS, SLM, MJF, EBM

JVS 3D - A few words from the owner

Jaap Vis, owner of the company:

I started behind the drawing board over 25 years ago. The tech industry has changed greatly in the meantime. Now fast and efficient work has become easy. I work with CAD for the making of digital technical drawings. Furthermore, JVS 3D use 3D printers to be able to print a product quickly and flexibly. I have access to 6 3D printers in different sizes, with which I can print a product up to 600x600x600mm. The knowledge I’ve gained over the years of experience enable me to think along and give guidance in the design process. Not only about technology, but also about reducing the cost of the final product, choice of materials and aesthetical design. 3D printing is still developing strongly. There are unimaginable possibilities, for example, making small series that are much cheaper to produce in this way. But also prototypes or scale models for a variety of purposes.

JVS 3D - Services


Surface treatment

STL repair


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