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3D printing service in Scotland

3D printing service with 3DEXPERIENCE Make

3DEXPERIENCE Make is an On-Demand Manufacturing platform, which connects designers or engineers with industrial 3D Printing service providers. Our service providers are mostly based in North America (the United States and Canada) and Europe (United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany, etc.). 3D Printing service is today mostly used for Mockup or Prototyping (technical or presentation), but some of our partners can help you on small series, or even large series. 

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Our 3D Printing service is handling projects in various industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Business Services, Construction, Consumer goods & retail, Energy & Materials, High-Tech, Home & Lifestyle, Industrial Equipment, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Marine & offshore, or Transportation & Mobility.


Our network of 3D Printing service providers offers hundreds of materials for your project, Plastic (PA12, ABS, PLA, PET, etc.), Metal (Stainless steel, 316, Aluminum, Titane, etc.), Ceramic, Wax, Sand or Composite (PA Glass, PA aluminum, ABS Carbon fiber, etc.).

Our online 3D printing services

SLS - Selective Laser Sintering
SLS 3D Printing: Advanced designs and high-performance materials  
SLA - Stereolithography
Stereolithography (SLA): Premium quality finish and tight tolerances  
FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling
FDM 3D printing is a “material extrusion” 3D printing process, for rigid to flexible functional parts.
MJF - Multi Jet Fusion
Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) for Cost-effective small series and prototypes.

Online 3D Printing service: how does it work?

3D printing location in Scotland

  • 3D printing London
  • 3D printing Birmingham
  • 3D printing Leeds
  • 3D printing Glasgow
  • 3D printing Sheffield
  • 3D printing Bradford
  • 3D printing Liverpool
  • 3D printing Edinburgh
  • 3D printing Manchester

Unlocking the Potential of 3D Printing in Scotland

Scotland is a country with a long tradition of engineering and innovation, and the arrival of 3D printing technology has opened up exciting new possibilities for businesses here. In this article, we will explore some of the key figures associated with 3D printing in Scotland and uncover its potential for emerging industries.

To start off, it is important to note that in 2019 alone, Scottish companies invested nearly £14 million into 3D printing equipment. This figure is expected to rise over time as more companies recognize the advantages associated with using this type of technology. For instance, prototyping parts and products can be completed much faster than traditional laser cutting or milling methods since much less material is used up front. Additionally, when designing complex objects for use in aerospace or other industrial applications, 3D printing enables tremendous precision when compared to other techniques.

3D Printing in Scottish industry

The investment made in 3D printing technology by Scottish companies has been met with great success as well: businesses have reported shorter lead times, improved production efficiency and cost savings due to reduced waste materials. Furthermore, researchers at Aberdeen University recently developed a new type of printable flexible sensor which could revolutionize how medical devices are produced in the future.

So far, these breakthroughs are only scratching the surface as far as what’s possible with 3D printing and there is still plenty more to explore. Businesses in Scotland are beginning to take advantage of industrial-grade machines capable of handling larger volumes while also producing parts faster than ever before. By leveraging these tools combined with data analytics and automation software, companies can maximize their investment in 3D printing resources, thereby gaining a competitive edge over competitors who may not yet have access to this technology.


In conclusion, it’s clear that Scotland is leading the way regarding innovation related to 3D printing technologies and processes for engineering applications. The potential for growth here is immense given the current investment climate and support from both private enterprises and public institutions like Aberdeen University. With continued exploration into various aspects, such as design complexity and materials used during production cycles, we can expect even greater advancements down the line!

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