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Your Nantes 3D Printing Service

3D printing service with 3DEXPERIENCE Make

3DEXPERIENCE Make is an On-Demand Manufacturing platform, which connects designers or engineers with industrial 3D Printing service providers. Our service providers are mostly based in North America (the United States and Canada) and Europe (United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany, etc.). 3D Printing service is today mostly used for Mockup or Prototyping (technical or presentation), but some of our partners can help you on small series, or even large series. 

Thanks to our powerful algorithm, you can get a quote in seconds for your 3D Printing project from dozens of 3D Printing service providers.


Our 3D Printing service is handling projects in various industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Business Services, Construction, Consumer goods & retail, Energy & Materials, High-Tech, Home & Lifestyle, Industrial Equipment, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Marine & offshore, or Transportation & Mobility.


Our network of 3D Printing service providers offers hundreds of materials for your project, Plastic (PA12, ABS, PLA, PET, etc.), Metal (Stainless steel, 316, Aluminum, Titane, etc.), Ceramic, Wax, Sand or Composite (PA Glass, PA aluminum, ABS Carbon fiber, etc.).

Our online 3D printing services

SLS - Selective Laser Sintering
SLS 3D Printing: Advanced designs and high-performance materials  
SLA - Stereolithography
Stereolithography (SLA): Premium quality finish and tight tolerances  
FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling
FDM 3D printing is a “material extrusion” 3D printing process, for rigid to flexible functional parts.
MJF - Multi Jet Fusion
Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) for Cost-effective small series and prototypes.

Online 3D Printing service: how does it work?

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Emergence of 3D printing in the industry in Nantes

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates a three-dimensional object by building layers of material. Unlike traditional machining methods, it does not require the use of additional tools or processes to design an object. This means that parts can be produced faster and with less waste.

The emergence of 3D printing in the industry has been a game changer for multiple companies, particularly in the engineering and design sectors. In Nantes, France, a growing number of companies are using additive manufacturing. The city is home to several world-class 3D printing facilities, making it the perfect place to learn about this cutting-edge technology.

What is 3D printing and how does it work?

3D printing is a process by which digital 3D models are created using computers and then turned into physical objects. The development of this technology has allowed industries to produce complex parts at a lower cost and in a shorter time frame than with traditional manufacturing methods.

3D printing begins with the creation of a three-dimensional digital model using computer-aided design (CAD) software such as CATIA or SOLIDWORKS or a scanner. This model is then broken down into hundreds of thin virtual layers that are printed one after another until the object is complete. The 3D printing platform used plays a role in the materials that can be used, with the most common options being thermoplastics, metals and concrete. Ultimately, it offers companies the ability to create almost any type of custom part or product accurately and efficiently.

The history of 3D printing in Nantes

Nantes, France, is a milestone on the 3D printing development map. The city first encountered the technology in the 1990s, when 3D Systems launched its patented stereolithography process, which quickly gained traction in the region. In 1999, a Nantes-based start-up produced the first-ever large-scale, low-cost, industrial-grade plastic 3D printer - a milestone in the history of additive manufacturing technology. From then on, Nantes became known as a hotbed of innovation in the sector; local entrepreneurs and universities collaborated to develop 3D printing techniques and materials, paving the way for widespread adoption of the technology. Today, Nantes remains an important player in the sector, continuing to develop new applications and equipment for commercial use.

How 3D printing is changing the manufacturing industry in Nantes

The city of Nantes, France, is at the forefront of innovative technology applications, with 3D printing revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. With this technology, local manufacturers are able to produce more cost-effective items tailored to specific customer needs. The creation of complex shapes and lighter parts has increased the speed of production and improved the quality of a range of products. In addition, 3D printing has fostered the development of custom tools and molds. This has helped companies make their products faster and with greater precision than ever before. This additive manufacturing technology is still in its infancy in the manufacturing industry and promises to bring dramatic changes in both the profitability and creative potential of Nantes' products in the near future.

Nantes' industrial landscape

As the sixth largest city in France, Nantes is experiencing significant growth in the industrial sector. It has what many companies are looking for: a strategic location close to excellent transportation links, the dynamism of its people and top-notch universities. Nantes boasts a diverse industrial landscape, with major companies such as IBM, Boeing, Microsoft and Schneider Electric having set up shop here. In addition, the city has recently seen an influx of nearly 250 startups between 2012 and 2016 alone. This rapid growth of tech companies has resulted in the emergence of various co-working spaces throughout the city for these innovative entrepreneurs. These factors make it clear that Nantes is becoming an ideal destination for anyone looking to start or grow their business in Europe.

Future applications of 3D printing technology in Nantes

Nantes is moving boldly into the future of 3D printing technology, and it's hard not to wonder about the exciting possibilities on the horizon. Whether it's reproducing food with a single click or creating buildings from scratch, no dream is too crazy when it comes to 3D printing. In Nantes, it's impossible to know what feats might be performed. Who knows, maybe one day we'll see a replica of Notre Dame Cathedral made only by the power of 3D printing... but let's hope it never happens!

Ultimately, 3D printing is a revolutionary technology that has allowed companies and individuals to manufacture items in Nantes faster and with greater precision. It has changed the landscape of industry from traditionally slow and expensive processes to just-in-time manufacturing at minimal cost. In addition, the technology offers vast potential for the future: from the development of custom medical implants to complex building models, the possibilities of 3D printing are endless. Its impact on Nantes will undoubtedly be felt in all sectors of activity. While we look forward to future developments in 3D printing technology, it is fair to say that Nantes will remain at the forefront of these trends. Thus, it is clear that 3D printing is writing a new chapter in the history of the manufacturing industry - and Nantes is leading the way.

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