Video Materials for 3D Printing

Hello, today we are at Arkema and we are going to talk together about materials for 3D printing. The materials available for 3D printing are more and more numerous today. The main ones are polymers, resins, metallic products and ceramics.

There are also specialty materials such as concretes, food derivatives such as sugar or chocolate, or new fields that address needs such as optics with glass or chemical components for the pharmaceutical world.

In what format are these materials available?

Materials for additive manufacturing are mainly available in four formats. You have a liquid format, you can have a solid format, in the form of granules or in the form of filaments, and finally in the form of powder.

A material for additive manufacturing, what does it change?

Unlike other industrial processes, in additive manufacturing, the material is transformed simultaneously with the manufacturing of the object. In addition, these materials can be combined to achieve performance objectives. Finally, in some cases, a material will be used only for the manufacturing phase and then removed.

Is a material generic, for all purposes?

In most cases, a material will have different applications. Take for example resin, which was the material used in the first stereolithography process. There is a standard resin, then you have an engineering resin, in third, you will find specific resins for example for dental, and finally resins for industry or for molding.

What is the role of materials in innovation?

Chemists, metallurgists, and manufacturers of construction products play a key role in the additive manufacturing value chain, as do machine manufacturers and software publishers. In research centers like this one, new formulations are invented that enable users to benefit from new functionalities or achieve business objectives. But it is also a place where we respond to sustainable development issues, for example, Rilsan, this product is 100% biodegradable, it is a bio-sourced polyamide.

Conclusion on 3D printing materials?

The offer of materials is varied, the quantities produced are available and the resources to accompany you are expert. It is now up to you to invent applications such as this new-generation bicycle helmet.


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