Specify your request

To find the most suitable Seller, it is necessary to specify your manufacturing requirements with as much detail as possible. Please describe the details in the "What to Make" section. If you aren't sure or are undecided on some details, it is possible to leave the field blank. Note that what you specify here applies to all the part you selected in the previous step. I will be possible to have different specification per part during the RFQ process. If you require multiple specifications those can be described in the messaging tool or be sent through separate request.

You can choose between the manufacturing processes that best suit your needs — either a general Additive Manufacturing process family or a specific process, such as Powder Bed Fusion.

You have the freedom to choose the type of material that is best suited for your project. Choices include material families, material classes, or a material types such as Plastic, ABS, or PA 12 respectively. It is also possible to choose a specific material model such as VisiJet S300 by 3D SYSTEMS.

Finishing pertains to the type of coloring, painting, anodization, or natural polishing you wish to apply to your part. You can select the technique and color by name or by RAL reference.

It is possible to define the overall tolerance within which you wish to manufacture you part. Additional feature-based tolerance can be added by attaching a technical drawing to your request (see the dedicated article).

Additional Services
Please include any additional services that your part may require before or after manufacturing, for example file repair or support mark removal, respectively.

Response Time and Delivery
Please communicate the deadline by which you would like to receive a quote and the delivery of your part.