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For 3D Printing and CNC Machining, get quote in few seconds.

What is the 3DEXPERIENCE Make ?

3DEXPERIENCE Make is an On-Demand Manufacturing platform, which connects designers or engineers with industrial Manufacturing service providers. It connects the industrial ecosystem of Designers, Engineers, Buyers, and Production planners with industrial manufacturing service providers such as Xometry, Sculpteo, American Additive, Get It Made, Any-Shape, and a lot more.

Thanks to our powerful algorithm, you can get quotes in seconds for your 3D Printing & CNC Machining project from our network of service providers.

You can be confident to find the best partner based on your project requirement. Available across all processes such as 3D Printing Service, CNC Machining Service, Injection Molding service, Cutting service, Sheet Metal service

Our network of On-Demand service providers offers hundreds of materials for your project, Plastic (PA12, ABS, PLA, PET, etc...), Metal (Stainless steel, 316, Aluminium, Titane, etc...), Composite (PA Glass, PA aluminum, ABS-Carbon fiber, etc...), Wax, Ceramic, Sand. They are experts in various processes: 3D Printing (Powder Bed Fusion, Material extrusion, Binder Jetting, Material Jetting, Phopolymerization), CNC Machining (Turning, Milling and Spark Machining), Cutting, Forming, Injection Molding or Sheet Metal. 

3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace Make is also directly accessible via an Add-in from SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Draftsight, and eDrawings which allows a faster design workflow for a better end-to-end experience.

Seamless connections with your favorite 3D CAD Software

3DEXPERIENCE Make is not only a website but a solution you can access directly within your favorite CAD Software.

We have an immersive experience on CATIA and Solidworks and a direct link on eDrawings and Draftsight.

Get Your Instant Quote directly within your Software

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What are the processes?

3D Printing Service
3DEXPERIENCE Make Online 3D Printing Service | Compare quotes from dozens of manufacturers.
CNC Machining Service
3DEXPERIENCE Make Online CNC Machining Service | Compare quotes from dozens of manufacturers.
Laser cutting service
3DEXPERIENCE Make Online Laser cutting Service | Compare quotes from different expert manufacturers.
Sheet metal service
3DEXPERIENCE Make Online Sheet Metal Service | Compare quotes from different expert manufacturers.
Injection Molding Service
3DEXPERIENCE Make Online Injection Molding Service | Compare quotes online from different service providers.

Which materials on 3DEXPERIENCE Make?

3DEXPERIENCE Make Enterprise, create your private marketplace

Are you managing internal fablab and external suppliers? Do you want to optimize your "Make or Buy" strategy? Are you looking for a simple solution to manage your production budget?

3DEXPERIENCE Make Enterprise is a unique solution to create your private manufacturing marketplace and ease the collaboration between designers, fablabs or external service providers. Our cloud based solution is agile and flexible. 

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The 3d components you need, at your fingertips



Digitize, Design or Certify your Products

Discover How 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplaces Boost Your Design to Manufacturing Process

You’re in good company. Thousands of leading companies from all industries use our solutions.

Need help?

If you need help our sales, our chat or our community are always available to help you

Questions for 3DEXPERIENCE Make

3DEXPERIENCE Make is an On-Demand Manufacturing Platform based on CAD Files.


Step 1: Connect to 3DEXPERIENCE Make

You have 5 ways to connect 3DEXPERIENCE Make:

- Website:

- Through Add-in within SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, eDrawings or Draftsight


Step 2: Create an account, upload your CAD file

Every quote is based on CAD File. On 3DEXPERIENCE Make, we accept STL, OBJ, STP, STEP, 3DXML, CATPART, SLDPRT, IGS, IGES, DXF, DWG with a maximum size of 50MB.

Click on "Get Instant Quote", login or create an account and upload your CAD files.


Step 3: Edit

When your CAD File is uploaded, you can now choose your process (3D Printing, CNC Machining, Sheet Metal, Cutting, Injection...), materials (Plastic, Metal, Composite...), your finishing and number of pieces needed.


Step 4: Send a request or Choose Instant Quote 

At this step, you have 3 different options:

- Instant quote (only for 3D Printing & CNC machining): On the right side of the screen, you can see a panel of sellers with Instant quote. Click on buy, if you want to purchase immediately

- Notify all Service providers: Send a request for quote, to all sellers which match your request, everywhere or in your region.

- Manual quotes: Choose up to 3 sellers and send your request for quote.


Step 5: Collaborate with the seller

3DEXPERIENCE Make is a platform connecting Engineers/Designers with Manufacturers. You could collaborate directly with them through:

- Annotation. You could annotate your design to give information to sellers.

- Communication box. Below each request, you have a communication box, where you could collaborate with seller.

- Add File or NDA. You can share a NDA or a file with sellers.

- Video conferencing. You can contact directly on the platform sellers thanks to our video conferencing add-in.


Step 6: Payment

If you are ok with the quote, you can click on Confirm & Pay. 

We accept Payment cards through our partner Stripe, and if you are a company, you can pay with a Purchase Order (PO)


Step 7: Receive your part(s)

You can follow each step of the process on "My Request".

Other Frequently asked Questions?

Do I have to be SOLIDWORKS, CATIA or Dassault Systèmes customers to use 3DEXPERIENCE Make?

You don't need to be a customer of SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, or Dassault Systèmes to use 3DEXPERIENCE Make. You just need to have a CAD file and create for free an account.

Could I order everywhere in the world?

You can order wherever you are, you just need to check with suppliers if they are able to deliver to your country.

Do you handle custom fees?

If your service provider is not in your country, our price and the price of our sellers are without custom fees, VAT, or other taxes. You need to handle it.

What types of payment are available on your platform?

We accept Credit & Debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc. 

If you are a company, we also accept a Purchase order

What is 3DEXPERIENCE Make Enterprise?

3DEXPERIENCE Make Enterprise is a cloud-based solution. The purpose of the solution is to deliver a private manufacturing marketplace for companies, managing multiple fablabs, R&D departments, and external vendors.

What are the CAD Files the platform supports?

The compatible formats for your CAD files on 3DEXPERIENCE Make are STL, OBJ, STP, STEP, 3DXML, CATPART, SLDPRT, IGS, IGES, DXF, DWG.

What is the maximum size of your CAD file?

The maximum size for your CAD files is 50Mb per file on 3DEXPERIENCE Make.

Which processes are available on 3DEXPERIENCE Make?

Our ecosystem offers the main processes 3D Printing service, CNC Machining service, Forming service, Cutting service, Injection Molding service, or Sheet Metal service.

If you are more expert, or have a specific requirement, you could also choose a subprocess.

You can choose on 3DEXPERIENCE Make all those subprocesses: Photopolymerization (VAT, SLA, DLP, CDLP), Powder Bed Fusion (DMLS, SLS, SLM, MJF, EBM), Material extrusion (FDM), Material Jetting (MJ, NPJ, DOD), Binder Jetting (BJ), Sheet Lamination (LOM, SL), Directed energy deposition (DED, LENS, EBAM), Milling, Turning, Spark Machining (EDM), Sheet Metal, Stamping, Pressing, Forging, Extrusion, Laser cutting, Blade cutting, Water cutting, Injection Molding, Rotomolding, Blow molding, Casting, Vacuum molding, Compression molding and Dip molding.

Our ecosystem proposes also a large range of finishing such as Spraying, Powder coating, Dip coating, Electroplating, Plating, Anodizing, Electroless plating, or Dyeing.

Which materials are available on 3DEXPERIENCE Make?

We offer a very large range of materials from very generic ones to very specialized ones. Our main categories of materials are Plastic, Metal, Composite, Wax, Finish, Sand, Glass, and Ceramic.

You can also talk with our sellers, to get a more specific one or if you need advice on materials. 

What is your policy in terms of confidentiality and safety?

When you create an account or upload your part, we create a specific Drive (3D Drive) just for your part. You are the only one to get access to this Drive. 

You can choose to add an NDA (a non-disclosure agreement) to your request, so sellers must sign it before having access to your part(s).

Besides, if you don't want to share any information, please do not accept to share your part information with sellers for Instant Quote. 

Please refer to our terms & conditions, if you want to know more.

How does instant quote work?

We have two different kinds of instant quote engines:

- Our own engine, sellers just input it. When you upload a part, based on the inputs, 3DEXPERIENCE Make evaluate the price of your piece

- Some sellers connect directly to their own quote engine. When you upload a part, information go through API to Seller quote engine, and that generates a price on 3DEXPERIENCE Make 

How to contact our sales team?

You have three main way to contact our sales team:

- By email:

- By Phone: 

1855 696 1125

+800 379 78 361

+800 379 78 362

+800 379 78 363

- By chat: on

How to create an account on 3DEXPERIENCE Make?

Nothing more simple, go to, click on "Create an account button" or "Sign in", fill the form and enjoy 3DEXPERIENCE Make.

How to become a partner?

How to apply to be part of 3DEXPERIENCE Make ecosystem?

Please follow this link to apply.

Do you have any restrictions in terms of localization?

3DEXPERIENCE Make is not available everywhere in the world for partners. We cover only North America and Europe.

Please find here the exact list: United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia.

Do I have to pay to be a partner?

It is totally free to join our ecosystem of manufacturers, you just need to be compliant with our rules and provide some documents.

If we generate business, we take a fee, but if not you have nothing to pay.

What are the benefits to be a partner of 3DEXPERIENCE Make?

Joining the partner ecosystem have several benefits for your company:

- Have a simple and secure solution to generate business for your manufacturing company.

- Be visible directly within SOLDIWORKS or CATIA to Engineers or designers across the world.

- Attract 3ds customers. 70% of our clients are from the Dassault Systèmes ecosystem.

- Own your showroom on the website and attract visitors to it.

- Get for free an Instant quote engine (only for 3D Printing and CNC Machining).

How to configure the instant quote option?

You can find the documentation in the Partner Academy.

How to be a prime partner?

You need to have large capacities, to connect your Instant quote engine to 3DEXPERIENCE Make.

Is it the same to be a partner on 3DEXPERIENCE Make or Enterprise?

No, it is not. 3DEXPERIENCE Enterprise is a private ecosystem for a specific company. So you cannot join this ecosystem without approval from this company. 

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3D Printing Service
3DEXPERIENCE Make Online 3D Printing Service | Compare quotes from dozens of manufacturers.
CNC Machining Service
3DEXPERIENCE Make Online CNC Machining Service | Compare quotes from dozens of manufacturers.
Laser cutting service
3DEXPERIENCE Make Online Laser cutting Service | Compare quotes from different expert manufacturers.
Sheet metal service
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