New space is now capturing more interest than ever. Space technologies involving active debris removal, spacecraft life extension, robotics and automation are advancing in leaps and bounds. Referred to as in-space servicing, assembly and manufacturing (ISAM), these capabilities are creating exciting opportunities for industry players by disrupting conventional paradigms and easing the challenges in space system design, manufacturing, operations and management.

As the space economy lifts off into new frontiers, ISAM capabilities are needed now to surpass throwaway mentalities when considering spacecraft and satellite lifecycles — this paradigm shift will enable the in-space environment to continue expanding. With advanced digitalization, space manufacturers and designers are equipped to transform their processes and approaches so they can accelerate innovations in ISAM technology and take the lead in this new space industry.

What is the importance of ISAM in New Space Technologies?

ISAM technology presents multiple benefits for improved space operations and exploration, including:

  • Rethinking the lifecycle of satellites – from design to mission performance and recycling – through space servicing and assembly
  • Realizing space sustainability needs in an environment where debris and defunct satellites are increasing
  • Building more profitable and resilient space systems beyond Earth’s orbit by enabling capabilities such as in-space logistics and power generation

Digital solutions are vital to helping space manufacturers and designers drive ISAM maturity while reducing business risk and maximizing success rates. A collaborative platform such as the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform combines model-based systems engineering, simulation, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence within the virtual twin experience so new space companies can quickly generate convincing satellite concepts and demonstrations. With a platform that fosters the speedy innovation of ISAM capabilities, all players are empowered to develop advanced products and services to gain a competitive edge in the lucrative new space economy.

Chart The Trajectory to a Mature and Successful ISAM Ecosystem

Learn how new space players can progress ISAM technology to achieve a resilient space economy.

The Next Generation of Space Operations

From mission extension capabilities to expanded space networks, ISAM technology promises enhanced flexibility and growth in the new space market. The virtual twin on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a physics-based digital environment where designers can verify requirements to develop and manufacture first-time-right satellite prototypes. Digital continuity from design to operations and management allows them to upgrade space systems to stay ahead in a competitive industry.

Through ISAM-driven infrastructure, space startups and manufacturers can nurture a cleaner in-space environment. Moving beyond conventions to build more sustainable space systems will also improve life on Earth: With sustainability as the foundation, in-space innovations will spawn the next generation of traditional systems – involving Earth observation and navigation – along with new systems and capabilities yet to be seen.

As a new paradigm of space operations emerges, companies that quickly incorporate ISAM capabilities into satellite concepts will be able to offer novel in-space services and triumph in the new space race. Dassault Systèmes has helped players like  Interstellar Lab and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center achieve swift innovations and efficient operations. Backed by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, startups and manufacturers alike can advance ISAM activities and defy limits to reshape the space industry as we know it.


Future Space Technology, ISAM and the New Space Economy

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