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The world of business process management and modeling is changing. The Business Analyst is a key member of the development team especially in light of the fact that Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a primary business driver. The Business Analyst should be able to use all data any time, in many different standards, all in one tool. Cameo Business Modeler is the answer to these changes. We have integrated the latest business modeling standard (BPMN 2.0) into MagicDraw supporting the Cameo Enterprise Architecture standards.

No Magic Cameo Business Modeler solution provides:

  • Intuitive tool for business process modeling
  • BPMN 2.0 standard support
  • Business model analysis tables and matrices
  • Business data and organization structure diagrams
  • Business process model export to XPDL 2.2
  • Model validation
  • Integrated analysis tools
  • Ability to generate model documentation and/or publish it to the Web
  • Ability to integrate business processes models with other types of the models in the enterprise (UML, UPDM, TOGAF, DoDAF, MODAF, SoaML)
  • Collaboration via CATIA No Magic’s Cameo Teamwork Cloud

No Magic Business Architecture and Design Solutions Key Benefits

Document companies’ business logic

Team will do a better job of identifying and documenting existing business processes, available data, and organization structure. 

Design business processes

Enjoy intuitive tool for designing business processes.

Analyze Resource Usage

Use the power of matrixes and reports for analyzing the human resources involvement in business processes.

Publish/generate business process descriptions

Make Business Process descriptions accessible to all the staff by publishing them on Internet, or generating document reports.

Discover our Product Offering

  • Cameo Business Modeler Plugin - Cameo Business Modeler Plugin is a plugin for the MagicDraw modeling platform that offers MagicDraw users BPMN 2.0 modeling with orchestration, business model integration with UML, and XPDL (XML Process Definition Language) support.


  • Teamwork Cloud - Teamwork Cloud enables collaborative development of models together with version control system & acts as a version model storage. Architects, engineers, and modelers can work on the same resource and merge the work of all team members together effortlessly with version control. Teamwork Cloud can store large resources which allows team members to work on them concurrently. You can check out a resource, open and edit it locally on your machine, save, and commit it to the server. 
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Expert Consulting and Tailored Training Services

No Magic consulting provides expert thought-leadership in the areas of systems modeling and simulation as well as knowledge transfer based on a detailed analysis of customer work products and processes. Consulting services are provided on-site or remotely based on the issues involved and arrangements with the customer.

No Magic training can be tailored or customized to address the specific modeling, simulation and analysis needs of our customers to blend theory into practical application. Training provides a foundation for organizations to jump-start learning in MagicDraw, UML, SysML, BPMN, UPDM or modeling in general for modeling language, tool and methodology instruction.

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