Efficiently Design Improved Electrical Systems

Modern industry faces many challenges as it strives to meet the demands of a market seeking smarter products and energy efficient solutions. The increasing connectivity and autonomy of products and services, coupled with their growing complexity, necessitate compliance to strict regulatory standards and new types of requirements. Simultaneously, production methods and techniques are undergoing significant changes, fostering a pressing need for collaboration and innovation. In this context, the integration of software, electronics and electrical engineering has become paramount in product development.

3DEXPERIENCE CATIA Electrical Engineering Roles empower professionals with a comprehensive end-to-end process, enabling to design, install and manufacture disruptive electrical systems that are poised to tackle the challenges of the future with confidence.


Born in 3D, Drafting Software

At the outset of the design process, a comprehensive analysis of systems architectures, equipment, and signal lists can be achieved with the right tools. 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA offers a solution through the development of a collaborative 3D architectural mock-up to draft system zones or packaging, equipment and interface definitions, signal information, and engineering rules. Leveraging cutting-edge routing and path-finding technology, it is now possible to optimize the paths of high-level signals within the mechanical environment. This advanced capability allows for accurate design predictions.

Design Accurate and Detailed Electrical Schematics with Ease with Generative Design

Our comprehensive solution offers a specialized logical design role with a wide array of tools, to effortlessly create precise net and wiring definitions and draw intricate electrical schematics within the robust framework of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Engineers can define and incorporate every object with meticulous detail, ranging from major equipment to the tiniest splices, including connectors, terminal blocks, wires, and cables. Integration also leverage the power of CATIA technologies to streamline the creation of electrotechnical diagrams that comply with international standards, facilitating the design process for electrical cabinets. Our innovative solution goes beyond manual design. By utilizing imported or generated net and wiring definitions, you can effortlessly generate complete sets of diagrams with just a few clicks

Our intelligent system adheres to predefined parameters and design rules, ensuring the creation of compliant representations of entire systems in a fraction of the time. With our software, you have the power to design accurate and detailed electrical schematics, whether you prefer a hands-on approach or the convenience of automated generation. Experience efficiency and precision in one seamless package.

Design to Deploy

CATIA Electrical Roles enable smooth transitions between electrical system design steps. From architecture to net, net to wire, logical definition to physical installation, and detailed design to manufacturing, our assistant interfaces provide clear synchronization status and aid decision-making. Equipment, connectors, and wires are positioned automatically, allowing designers to focus on detailed completion, support placement, branch creation, wire routing, protection, and bundle geometry. Harness 3D design directly inputs into manufacturing and drawing generation, eliminating intermediaries. Streamline your design process with effortless transitions.

CATIA Electrical Engineering software products are packaged as Roles to get you up to speed faster and work more efficiently with all needed applications available at your fingertips. Select a package that corresponds to your role in an organization.

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