Seamless Integration for Electromechanical Design Harmony

CATELECTRE is a smart integration gateway merging electrical (ECAD) and mechanical (CATIA) design. It's ideal for crafting a full electromechanical model, blending 2D function with 3D mechanics. This tool harmonizes ECAD and CATIA's 3D electrical design, creating a unified digital mock-up that syncs both models. It enables updating harness data with 3D insights and enhancing CATIA with ECAD functional details. Catelectre excels in designing electrical harnesses interactively within CATIA V5's 3D electromechanical space, offering cutting-edge seamless integration.

Two-way synchronization of mechanical & electrical design

CATELECTRE can adapt existing electromechanical model data from most CAD software programs to a company’s design process, enabling complete two-way 2D/3D synchronization:

  • Electric diagram data extraction & processing for 3D electromechanical design—automated export of ECAD connectors; automatic creation of electrical tree structure in CATIA; electrical reconciliation; identification of CATIA entities using ECAD information
  • Use of 3D data extraction & processing—easier to manufacture wiring (sizing, lengths, weights, etc.), flatten harnesses & produce manufacturing drawings (form-board)
CATElectre>Dassault Systemes

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