The Industrial Solution for Electrical System Engineering and CAD

The ELECTRE application suite seamlessly integrates electrical schematic tech with design, manufacturing, and lifecycle management of electromechanical systems in various sectors like automotive, aeronautics, and more. These solutions enhance the entire electrical design process, addressing onboard electrical engineering needs and 3D wiring challenges in both design and manufacturing. With a comprehensive approach, ELECTRE solutions efficiently solve complex industrial problems in onboard electrical systems. They manage diversity and complexity across functions, standards, segregation, and manufacturing documents. ELECTRE fosters collaboration between electrical and mechanical engineers, meeting distinct industrial branch requirements.

Simple Electrical Schematic Design

The ELECTRE application is the core of ELECTRE suite of electrical schematic solutions. It is developed by industry professionals for industry professionals in sectors that design products combining mechanical and electrical technologies and require special applications for electrical schematic, bundle and harness design, and wiring. From the schematics to the complete harness production file, ELECTRE offers a broad range of applications that cover the entire electrical design process in its mechanical environment and automatically generate manufacturing and wiring documents.

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