MODSIM - Unified Modeling and Simulation

Reshape your Product Development

What is MODSIM?

MODSIM unifies modeling and simulation on a common data model within a single user experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The goal is to consider the whole product development process and break down barriers.

MODSIM is more than simulation-driven design. MODSIM enables simulation to drive the entire product development process from beginning to end, from requirements to architecture, from validation to certification, and from product development to program management, including design exploration, processes, automation, change management and collaboration.

The continuous pursuit of cleaner cars and much shorter development timescales demands a much closer integration between CAD and CAE and a greater confidence in the CAE predictions. At Jaguar Land Rover, we have invested heavily in the deployment of 3DEXPERIENCE as the backbone for engineering as we believe that this platform will give us the close integration and confidence in simulation that we need.

— Jose Garcia-Urruchi, Head of Digital Engineering Capability, Jaguar Land Rover

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What Does MODSIM Mean to Me?

Explore how a platform-based MODSIM approach to product development helps better the lives of these three important contributors

MODSIM for Engineers

Unified Model build approach in MODSIM ensures that the underlying model is always updated. This is just one of the many advantage of MODSIM that immensely helps the design engineers and analysts.
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MODSIM for Teams

The engineering team leaders manage cross-disciplinary teams. Using MODSIM they can now remove silos between departments, get real-time update and complete visibility to required data and make informed decision
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MODSIM for Executives

MODSIM for Leaders

Business leaders understand that time to market is crucial to be successful. MODSIM enables them to access real-time data, provide visibility to achieve growth targets and help react to market changes faster
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Why Choose MODSIM?

Faster Time to Market

Dramatically reduce development time by upto 90% and from months to weeks

Minimize Physical Prototypes

MODSIM enables simulation early in the concept design phase that helps to gain confidence in designs without the need for costly prototyping

Reduce Cost

See significant improvement in product efficiencies of up to 40%, achieve weight savings of up to 20% and reduce the capex cost of up to 8%

Accelerate Innovation

By embedding simulation within the design process engineers can accurately predict product behavior. Automating the design exploration space with multiple iterations reduces uncertainty.

Reduce Late Stage Failures

MODSIM enables a simulation-empowered shift-left strategy that pulls verification and validation upfront in the design concept stage and reduces the risk of late-stage failures and reworks.

Real-World Results, As Told by Our Customers

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Your Questions Answered

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about MODSIM.

Explain MODSIM?

  • MODSIM is a resulting value in using unified modeling (CAD) and simulation (CAE) tools and technology in the context of an innovation platform supported by automation, design space exploration, and knowledge capture.
  • MODSIM allows customers to cut design time from months to weeks and weeks to days as attested by customers themselves.

Engineers have used Modeling and Simulation for years. Why are we discussing it now more than ever?

  • Yes, engineers have used Modeling and Simulation tools for many years.  But the tools were siloed with their own required knowledge and organizational teams.  MODSIM is more than just bringing the tools together.  MODSIM is about the value of truly left-shifing simulation into the design and even concept design stages allowing design exploration, knowledge capture, and acceleration of sustainable design with improved quality

What is the main advantage of using MODSIM?

  • The connection between Modeling (CAD) and Simulation is intimate and immediate.  Simulation best-practices and processes developed by expert analysts can be published and re-used with the context of design. MODSIM fosters creativity and design exploration through its fast and efficient simulation model updates following a CAD revision.