What's new in PowerFLOW

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software

SIMULIA PowerFLOW 2022 Release

SIMULIA PowerFLOW 2022 contains the following major enhancements and new features:

  • Hierarchical Partitions, which is a major revamp of partitions and rules, now allows for hierarchy of segments to align better with CAD-based part hierarchies and enables simplification and automation. All applications in the PowerFLOW product suite, including PowerACOUSTICS, support hierarchical partitions, using a standardized selection widget to select segments within a hierarchical partition.
  • The PowerFLOW Single GPU Solver for low-subsonic isothermal simulations without rotating reference frames runs on single NVIDIA GPUs. It provides a cost-effective and high-performance solution for workflows such as concept aerodynamics and HVAC aeroacoustics.
  • PowerDELTA 2022 contains enhancements to the Operations Template, including the Delete & Patch operation, and additional mesh diagnostics measures for face selection.
  • PowerVIZ introduces Unified Slice, which is a single high-performance slice feature that replaces axis-aligned slices and movable slices.
  • PowerVIZ supports the calculation of the uniformity index of velocity and scalar quantities on axis- aligned planes, which is useful for HVAC workflows with non-uniform flow distribution.
  • PowerINSIGHT now supports parallel content generation, which accelerates content generation with transient content templates for simulations containing large numbers of frames.
  •  DesignGUIDE introduces filtering of Pareto graphs from run tables, using bounds on response and design variables, which makes it easy to focus on promising areas of the design space.