What's new in PowerFLOW

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software

SIMULIA PowerFLOW 2021 Refresh 4 Release

PowerFLOW 2021 Refresh 4 includes the following features and enhancements:

  • Turbulence Solver Super Cycling boosts performance by updating turbulence only once every N time steps, where N is the super cycling factor. Industrial tests show that a supercycling factor of 2 typically reduces simulation time by about 7%, and a supercycling factor of 10 reduces simulation time by about 15%.
  • PowerTHERM 2021.2 includes an advanced graphics mode to speed up rendering of results on large models. New Physiology part type replaces the text file based physiogen utility, thus streamlining human thermal model setup. Human thermal comfort calculations can now include the effect of skin wettedness, as well as generate comfort results at the individual part level, e.g. heated seats.
  • PowerACOUSTICS now supports time varying noise transmission for all panel types, as well as the ability to create time varying spectrogram graphs for interior wind noise as a function of time.
  • PowerDELTA introduces new capabilities to streamline connectivity to 3DEXPERIENCE and automate geometry preparation:
  • Open geometry from 3DEXPERIENCE opens 6W tag values that have been assigned to parts (via the Product Structure Editor App, for example).
  • Operations Templates support the logical operators AND, OR, and ! (for NOT). This enhancement provides additional flexibility to setup geometry input for model build automation.
  • Mesh Diagnostics detects curved facets within specified minimum and maximum radius values, enabling automated creation of construct VR regions required for refinement zones.
  • Mesh Offset operations include a new option, “Copy and Connect”, that automatically connects the copied geometry to the existing geometry, enabling the addition of thickness or layers to an existing geometry.

Finally, please note that PowerFLOW supports DSLS licensing on all servers, including on-premise DSLS installations.