Isight & the SIMULIA Execution Engine

Process automation and design exploration.

Isight provides simulation process automation and design optimization solutions that enableusers to reduce analysis time and costs while improving product performance, quality andreliability. When used in conjunction with the SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE), Isightcustomers can build a web-based framework for distributing the execution of simulationprocesses across the enterprise to optimize computing resource and to enable collaboration among geographically distributed users.


  • Automate simulation process flows
  • Leverage advanced techniques such as design of experiments, optimization, approximations, and design for Six Sigma
  • Optimize design for cost, weight, materials and beyond
  • Allow optimum use of hardware and computing resources
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise Web application servers and database


  • Isight is the industry-leading process automation and design optimization solution from SIMULIA
  • SIMULIA Execution Engine provides state-of-the art Fiper technology for distributing and parallelizing simulation process flows in a high-performance manner that helps utilize a company’s existing hardware and software investments.

What’s New in Isight 2018

Isight Enhancements

  • New high-dimensional scatter bubble plots
    • Scatter plots that can represent 5-6 dimensions in a single visual representation
    • Support for both 2D and 3D scatter plots
    • Interactive plots - Rotatable, filterable, and zoomable
  • Adaptive DOE
    • Adaptive DOE is a new space filling technique suitable for both DOE and Optimization studies.
    • It is available from both the DOE component and Optimization component
  • Enhanced Error Handling
    • Configure components to expose an error code indicating success or failure of component execution instead of having the component execution marked failed.
  • Jython upgrade
    • Jython scripts are executed with the Jython 2.7.0 scripting engine.
  • Enhanced Approximation Error Analysis Graphs
    • Approximation Error Analysis graphs, representing Response Fit and Residual, now display the error information for the point under mouse hover.

Component Enhancements

  • Abaqus component upgrade
    • Support for Abaqus 6.14 - Abaqus 2018
  • CATIA V5 component upgrade
    • Supports CATIA V5 R26, CATIA V5 R27, and CATIA V5 R28
  • SolidWorks component upgrade
    • In addition to SolidWorks 2016 SP4, the SolidWorks component now also supports SolidWorks 2017 SP2 and SolidWorks 2018.

Updated SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE)

  • Upgrade to Oracle 12c
    • Support Oracle 12c for all three application servers – WebLogic, WebSphere and TomEE
    • Oracle 11g database will no more be supported with any of the three application servers