Isight & the SIMULIA Execution Engine

Process automation and design exploration.

What’s New in Isight 2023

  • Probability distributions enhancements
    • New “Threshold” parameter for Exponential, Lognormal, and Weibull distributions
  • Post-processing enhancement
    • Allow discrete variables in Parallel Coordinate Graph
  • Components upgrade
    • Abaqus component upgrade
  • Webtop enhancements
    • Allow to hide simflows in Webtop search
    • Webtop to link to doc server instead of bundled documentation

New “Threshold” parameter for certain distributions:

  • Current behavior: Exponential, Lognormal, and Weibull distributions always generate samples greater than 0
  • A new parameter called “Threshold” has been made available for configuration of these 3 techniques
  • New behavior: All the samples generated by the distributions will be greater than or equal to the threshold value
    • The value of threshold must be non-negative
  • The default threshold value is 0, thus making the default behavior identical to prior releases