Isight & the SIMULIA Execution Engine

Process automation and design exploration.

What’s New in Isight 2019

Isight Enhancements

  • Support copy-paste of scripts in script editors
  • New "Fetch & republish to local library" command in fipercmd

Component Enhancements

  • Abaqus component upgrade
    • Support for Abaqus 6.14 - Abaqus 2019
  • CATIA V5 component upgrade
    • Supports CATIA V5 R27, CATIA V5 R28, and CATIA V5 R29
  • SolidWorks component upgrade
    • SolidWorks component is enhanced to support SolidWorks 2016 SP4 through 2019 releases.

Updated SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE)

  • TomEE-Microsoft SQL Server based SEE
  • Web Dashboard in TomEE-based-SEE
  • HTTPS support for Webtop and Web Dashboard in TomEE-based-SEE