New Features, extensions and improvements

  • Specification Based Designs: Spec-based designs are static designs linked to specifications, exportable directly from the Specification Chooser and Editor. Designs have been optimized for certain scenarios & are therefore more practical than standard designs.
  • Smaller Service Packs: Upgrades to Antenna Magus will be made available in much smaller service pack downloads compared to previous versions. These service packs will allow a user to add the latest software and content upgrades onto a Golden installation

New Antennas/Arrays and extensions:

  • Sunflower Array:
    • The Array Synthesis Tool now includes the Sunflower Array, which is a special case of the Fermat Spiral with the angular displacement set to the golden angle of ~137.508°.
  • The PC 3.5 precision coaxial connector has been added to the Connector Library.
  • Specification Based Designs have been added to the following Specifications:
    • Aeronautical–Airborne
      • GPS L1/L2
      • RADAR altimeter
      • Airborne VHF
    • Automotive
      • Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Europe/US
      • Short-range RADAR (SRR)
    • ISM
      • ISM 2.45 GHz
    • Radar bands
      • X-band
      • Smart Devices and Mobile Comms
      • WLAN
      • WLAN 2.4
      • WLAN 5
    • Cellular Bands – 5G Bands – Base Station
      • 5G Band n46 Base Station
      • 5G Band n96 Base Station
      • 5G Band n77 Base station
      • Cellular Bands – 5G Bands – Device
      • 5G Band n257 Device
      • 5G Band n258 Device
      • 5G Band n260 Device
      • 5G Band n261 Device