The Antenna Magus Libraries

Antenna Magus includes libraries for specifications, substrates, waveguides and connectors. These libraries simplify finding commercial/standard substrates, waveguides, connectors and specifications. We use specifications to find devices and to set up objectives for a specific application area. We use substrates in the substrates library when designing antennas in Antenna Magus, while we import the waveguide and connectors from their respective libraries. You can access the libraries at any time by going to the ‘Libraries’ tab on the ribbon.

Antenna Magus Libraries

The Antenna Magus Connector Library

The Antenna Magus Connector library contains various common coaxial radio frequency (RF) connectors that are used when modeling antennas. For each connector type, parametric export models are available for supported CEM tools. For some connectors, the option exists to select between different types (for example panel-mount or edge mount) in Export mode.

Here is a brief review of a few of the connectors in the library:

Connector Library > Dassault Systèmes

SMA - SubMiniature Version A Connector

This 50-ohm SMA connector uses a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dielectric and offers excellent electrical performance from DC to 12.4 GHz (for flexible cables) and DC to 18 GHz (for semi-rigid cables). Above this frequency and up to 34 GHz, SMA-like 3.5 mm connectors are used - which can be mated to standard SMA connectors.

SMA Connectors > Dassault Systèmes

N-Type Connector

N-Type four hole panel mount jack with extended dielectric.

The N-type connector dates back to 1940 and was one of the first connectors capable of carrying microwave-frequency signals. The standard upper operating frequency is 11 GHz and some connectors are extended to operate at 18 GHz.
The image shows an N-Type four hole panel-mount jack connector with extended dielectric, typically used to feed a cavity or waveguide.

N-Type Connectors > Dassault Systèmes

MMCX - Micro-Miniature Coaxial - Connector

MMCX connectors were developed in the 1990s and are similar, but smaller, than MCX connectors. These connectors are most commonly used in Wi-Fi PCMCIA cards as antenna connectors, or as external GPS antenna connectors on small devices. They use a snap-lock mechanism, allowing 360° rotation, usually with 50-Ω impedance and have good electrical performance from DC to 6 GHz.

The waveguide library in Antenna Magus is a collection of common designation standardized waveguides. We use it to find the dimensions of a specific designation or to find the electrical characteristics of a standard guide. The library shows cut-off frequencies, and usage frequency ranges. Company/industry can add custom waveguides to the library for easy reference.

MMCX Connectors > Dassault Systèmes

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