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The Importance of Collaboration in Mechatronics

The pace of modern innovation is always accelerating. Yet as consumer demand for smarter and connected products grows, manufacturers often struggle to keep pace. Mechatronics engineering provides manufacturers with a way to unite product design disciplines together to gain the agility and collaboration necessary to maintain business growth. How? Bringing electrical, mechanical and software disciplines together allows businesses to transform the innovation process and shorten design cycle times.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform digitally connects all product development disciplines to engage in secure, real-time collaboration. On the platform, mechatronic teams more flexibly explore and deliver products and variants that address changing customer preferences by using a shared, multidiscipline product definition. Real-time collaboration and seamless sharing of knowledge and know-how reveals new collaboration opportunities and helps overcome challenges earlier in the development process – bringing smarter products to market, faster.

When developing smart products, leading companies that have more integrated systems, are more likely to employ systems modeling, leverage integrated design solutions, and take a lifecycle approach to supporting systems-driven product development.


eBook: Designing Smart Products Smartly

Today's smart devices are more responsive, adaptive, linked, and portable than ever before because to the combination of mechanics, electronics, and software. Customers expect this type of technology in their products, thus the need for smart products will continue to grow. Smart products can open doors, but they also bring with them new obstacles and complexities. To meet these problems, businesses must improve their development processes.

Analyst, Tech Clarity discusses the steps manufacturers may take to improve their smart product design processes in this eBook.

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Hear from Dassault Systemes High-Tech industry experts on how the powerful capabilities of the 3DEXEPRIENCE platform helps put mechatronics engineering at the core of creating new value by enabling smart connected experiences.

Learn how collaboration between mechanical, electrical and software engineering helps overcome product and process complexity through seamless collaboration and real-time sharing of knowledge and know-how.

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